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Hexonomics: Gold and Armies of Myth

Howdy Hexers!

Today we cover two Hexonomics subjects dear to my heart: gold and preparing for a new set! Click the video link below to listen and watch!

A little gold goes a lot farther now than two weeks ago.

Thanks for watching! If you scrolled down this far that means you stayed to the end of the video! I want to know, “How do you spend your gold to maximize your value?” Leave a comment below here on FiveShards to be entered to win a code for the RPC2015 Buccaneer sleeves! One comment will be chosen at random to win the code! Good luck and keep the conversation alive! A winner has been selected; congratulations to Jeremy /Chimera! For another chance to win, check out this coming Tuesday’s post.

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

76 Comments on Hexonomics: Gold and Armies of Myth

  1. Hey Mokog, nice video!

    My thinking is that best way to spend gold now is to convert it into platinum in preparation for set3 (or whatever you need in the game currently) since I think the release of set3 will have a greater impact on the economy than gold based additions.

    There are a few announced things coming up that will affect the value of gold compared to other valuable goods in the game.

    When set Set3 comes:
    – demand for platinum drastically increases
    – set1&2 packs drop in demand (since they won’t be used for limited play).
    – few set1&2 packs are opened -> few new set1&2 cards enter the economy
    – set1&2 cards shift in demand based on synergies with set3 (such as Vampire King)

    When AA commons are removed from the store:
    – demand for gold is reduced

    When the new gold sink comes (mentioned by Cory in the interview with Cirouss):
    – demand for gold is increased

    So, my take on it is that the safe bet is to convert gold to platinum now that the value of gold is high as platinum will certainly be a valued commodity once set3 comes.

    However, if you want to gamble that the new gold sink is awesome and/or comes before the AA commons are removed (or demand for them goes down a lot), you should hold on to gold since that would make the value increase even further (or if PvE is your main focus, as it will probably be very useful in the campaign).

  2. For Now i’m investing in AA,but i always look for some good rares on good prices!

  3. spending gold on chests is def. worth it for everything lower than rare (and even rare can be worth it depending on chest content)…investing gold in aa’s is just worth even more right now though
    …which results in gold being extremly valuable

  4. Hi
    I spent all my gold on AA cards from the AH and will still do it till they are removed from the AH ^^

  5. I have thousands of chests and spun many for a neutral position when gold was cheaper. Ploughing gold into the wheels of fate to generate free packs, mercs and AA, rares and legendaries made it possible to go infinite on all but legendary chests. Simple spin sell the loot convert to gold respin and repeat. I upgraded many many chests that I hope pay dividends. Right now I’m holding gold for set 3 I have all the aa cards and plenty of set 1 and 2 chests with all the wheel of fate sleeves AAs and mercs.


  6. Interesting video. I have neglected to sell my commons and uncommons because it didn’t seem worth the time and effort to search for the prices and list them individually, but you make a good point about the sudden increase of the value of gold.

  7. I don’t maximise my value, because I intend to experience/collect everything I can, eventually.

  8. Right now, with the G:P ratio as it is i prefer to buy boosters with gold. I was thinking about buying AA commons and than sell it for Plat so i could buy cards that i’m missing BUT after some thoughts i decided i’ll go with Boosters. Why? Well, AAs are more stable and less risky way to get plat -> cards, but with boosters:
    1) you can use them to play drafts (option for rare drafting) and that gives you a chance to win more boosters and even primals.
    2) you can find expensive cards in boosters (eg.: Reese, which gives you 1,5+k plat card for the price of a booster)
    3) booster = chest and chests = spins that gives you a chance for some nice things, like AAs, rares, legendaries, boosters, etc
    4) chests = whatever will be in the chests (cards [rares,legendaries], boosters, AAs, gold, etc),
    5) booster = 15 cards that you can sell and hoard plat for Set 3

    So, buying AAs and than selling them is easier and faster way and boosters are more luck dependent option, but those packs also gives you a chance for bigger reward and more potential value than AAs.

  9. Wow first,

    Good article. I spend my gold most on chest rolls.
    IGN Roglom

  10. Value-wise, grabbing extras of the common AAs is probably the most valuable way to spend your gold. As a collector obsessed with getting 4-ofs of everything, I typically spend it on the Wheels of Fate. I think if chests are released with Set 3, you’ll see gold become even more valuable since people will be doing less frost ring and more set 3 draft. In addition, the value will only climb if the Legendary/Primal Chests are truly worth it, especially the primal chests.

    Great Video!

  11. Once I get the last two cards to complete my common AA playsets, I plan on putting half my gold into additional AAs. Should get good value out of spare AAs, but I still want some gold ready for the next gold sink(s).

    IGN: Pierson

  12. Nice video, thanks for the insight 🙂

    As you mentioned, gold has pretty good value at the moment. It should drop down in value again when the AAs are removed from store. So it could be wise to spend your gold on cards/boosters right now and sell those for (more) gold again when gold loses value in near future.

    On the other hand, Cory mentioned next patch will bring a HUGE new gold sink. So maybe gold will even increase in value – in this case, its best to sell cards/boosters for gold now and just hoard all your gold, with the intention to spend it when its value is at peak.

    That said you can only guess what direction golds value will go and act respectively. I guess as long as theres no remarkable influx of new f2p-players grinding the arena, golds value will increase even more given there will be new effective gold sinks. I spent a good amount of gold on some cards to complete my playset last few days, as Im gonna save the rest for (maybe) even better times to spend it.

  13. Super interesting video!

    A lot of good pointer regarding set changes. I personally prefer farming gold, or selling common cards for gold. Pick up some alternative art cards, and sell them for a good amount of platinum 🙂 Generally gold is becoming more and more valuable!

    IGN: Mokka

  14. >I have neglected to sell my commons and uncommons because it didn’t seem worth the time and effort to search for the prices and list them individually,

    hexprice highvalue uncommons list makes it really efficient.

  15. My favorite thing to spend gold on is the AA.
    You mentioned a shift on the ah connected to sealed and constructed vip tournament weekends. I understand that packs might increase when the sealed is coming up but what are the other changes?

  16. I’ve been hoarding everything recently. Cory mentioned on Cirouss’ interview that the best gold sink yet is coming soon, so mostly I want to hold on to my gold and see what that is. Also I never feel the need to buy anything anyway. I win enough in draft that I actually make more packs than I put in. And that 100 plat per draft is covered by any extra packs or cards I can sell. Pretty much the only thing I buy are the AAs that I want, since I’m not a kickstarter backer.

  17. I dumped all my gold into AA commons to convert it to plat, but am now stocking up on gold again to have the option of rolling more chests if the contents make it worthwhile.

  18. Rolled all my common chests, spent enough gold to get 4x of each AA common and currently just sitting on whats left debating converting it into plat while the exchange rate is so good.

  19. I used to spend my gold on chest rolls, but I am undecided if it is worth it, so now I am investing in AA’s and waiting for what the future will bring. I think it is best to sell for gold when a new wave of players are coming in, so if you can invest in cards and predict when new players are coming in and then start to sell for gold I think you could make a profit.

  20. Best way to spend gold is to only buy the AA commons you need yourself and save the rest. Then wait until chest opening comes and hope that legendary chests will have good items inside, which is most likely the case. Gold to plat ratio will improve even further then, and then just trade all your gold for plat;

  21. Currently it’s best to buy store AAs for max value.
    IGN: Zebuli

  22. i do the same as many others and just buy store aa’s before they are gone so i won’t have to find them on the ah later on
    ign: Lordduck

  23. love articals like this 🙂

  24. I apend my g9ld on common chest rolls only. Hoarding the rest of the gold.

  25. I have spent a lot of gold on rolling mostly common and uncommon chests just from kickstarter rewards / free Pro backer drafts every week. Now that my supply of cheap chests is gone I’m still considering whether to roll some rares to try for a few primal chests or spend that gold on sets of common AAs while I still can. Decisions, decisions.

    IGN: Vylokx

  26. Thanks for the great video. I’m currently using gold to complete my AA purchased from the store. Once I’m done with that I’ll focus on using it to roll chests.

  27. Great video. Unfortunately, I haven’t been blessed with more than 1 Uruunaz sighting and was not lucky enough to kill him that one time. So I’ve been grinding gold to get playsets of the AA commons I want. I shoud be done soon and then I can turn my thoughts of what else I want to spend my gold on. Hopefully, that new gold sink will come after I’ve built up a nice gold reserve.

  28. I spent my gold on playsets of the aas

  29. Personally I try not to spend gold at all, though I do ride the wave sometimes when I notice some cards bottoming out in price. Mostly I just hoard it, or try to increase the total number of gold AAs I have – those are bound to pay off in the long run. It’s going to take more than 12 million gold to spin all of the chests I already have stockpiled, and god knows how many more with future sets. Gotta spin ’em all!

  30. Still need to get a playset of AAs. I think it’s good investment also.

  31. I think the best current long term investment for gold are wof Merced that will eventually be account bound gameplay exclusives … Great videos

  32. I have rolled all my common/uncommon chests and now I am saving my gold until they announce the “super-cool-omg-so-amazing” new sink Cory told Cirouss about.

    IGN: Khendral

  33. Right now if you choose yo spend gold you have to grab the AA commons because they will be worth a pretty penny in the future.

    As far as sets go when set 3 comes out that’s a great time to buy set 1&2 as people try and dump off extras for plat for the new cards. Also of note is to sell the first couple of days pretty much everything as it’s value is likely much higher then its actual worth.

    IGN: Helion

  34. Pretty damn great video. Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have that much time to play arena regularly, and I don’t like to convert my platinum into things that may be obtained for “free”. So, I think. I won’t be able to collect even a playset of any of the AA’s, but I’m glad that I can buy booster packs for 15000 gold or so now. Anyway, two-currency system is pretty complicated, and it’s very interesting to see how it develops and goes further.
    IGN: DeathRealm

  35. Great video. Definitely using my gold for the store AAs.

  36. I think the best use of gold is stocking tons of AAs. The good ones like Burn will skyrocket in value once they leave the store.
    IGN: Chimera

  37. Been buying aa’s for awhile now and will continue too since they are not going to be around much longer.


  38. Hard to say if converting gold, or spending it on AA’s is the better option

  39. I invest in AA’s and basically, watch the market, whenever i have spare rares and legendary i wait for the price to get high to sell.

    IGN Olfff

  40. Nice video Mokog ;] I’m a bit of a gold-starved peasant but nonetheless, the store-bought AA’s are a fairly solid investment. I think the plat prices of the next set will be slightly higher than they were at the same stage before, purely because this will anticipate the price-spike we witnessed just recently when HEXENT announced that they would be taken off the store.

    IGN: Rabbiton

  41. I definitely regret the gold I have rolled on chests.

    IGN SInkhole

  42. I have only spent gold on chest rolls and the AA’s from the store. I’m really interested in seeing what this new gold sink is that Cory mentioned… I’m hoarding gold as we speak!

  43. I finally got enough gold to get a playset of the AA commons by selling commons/uncommons for gold as well as selling off some of my Set 2 pack stash for gold. I’m now working on completing my playset of Set 2 and probably will still try to earn some gold selling commons and uncommons to build my gold stash back up in preparation for this new gold sink. I’ve quit spinning chests for now because of the super high Gold prices but I’ve got so many spun chests already that I don’t think it matters to much.

  44. I’m in full dragon mode, hoarding my gold!
    IGN: Bombs

  45. good video

    IGN desk

  46. GoldenSaucerGuy // May 21, 2015 at 4:17 pm // Reply

    Nice video. Im chomping at the bit to win those sleeves.

  47. I have been accumulating gold to convert into AA cards. However buying packs is also appealing. Spinning chests doesn’t seem worth it at the moment so those can wait for later when there are additional gold faucets.

    IGN Raith

  48. Since I am a new player and I don’t have a lot of real money to spend I use my gold to buy packs so I can draft and then use the cards to get platinum and so on so on until i can go infinite or sth like that

  49. Hoarding or liquidating gold depends on whether time or money is more valuable to you. It’s pretty exciting to watch the social decision making process based on the imperfect information available.

    IGN: Chocmaw

  50. I like to buy the AAs and spin my common/uncommon chest.

    Though I wonder if there is a more efficient way to spend my gold.

  51. I am using all of my gold on working on a playset of AAs for the moment, but I am interested in seeing what these new gold sinks are going to be when set 3 comes out.

    IGN: Vectrose

  52. AAs def. seem like the best way to spend gold at the moment, but I can’t help but get suckered into using it to roll chests xD

    IGN: AuraWarrior

  53. Thanks for the video! I think spending gold on AAs from the store is probably a wise decision at the moment. We are, of course, operating with very scant information and it is hard to make a reasoned judgment as to what the value of gold will be past set 3 and the next form of PvE to come out. Perhaps it will fluctuate througout Hex’s history, which would be sort of interesting if it did.

  54. Great video Mokg! For my gold, I divide up to 3 parts, 1 part store AAs, 1 part reserves, 1 part chests (hard to stop once you roll)
    IGN – neruwind

  55. I cannot afford to maximize value of anything – I’m spending to little time in the game :(. right now I’m focusing on raiding arena at least 3-4 times a week to farm for another AA. that’s all.

    IGN Noise

  56. yikes, so many comments…

    I think it’s tough to say whether or not to use your gold spinning, because we dont know if we will get equipment we already have, or new and sought after equipment/pve cards.

    that being said, I have spent gold getting an entire set of AA commons, and have enough for a second set, but I am still uncertain if I should get the second copies, or save the gold.

    The AA common value will surely keep rising, but being the first with new AA cards, PVE Cards, and Equipment (from chests) could be very lucrative as well.

    good article, I appreciate the primary focus on the new players, I think we need to keep them in mind when writing articles, and doing podcasts, they are the future of the game.

    well done, and keep up the good work.

  57. I think the best use of gold depends on what kind of player you are. If you’re low on disposable income now’s a great time to grind your way into PvP. Buying packs and selling some AAs for plat so you can draft is probably the best approach there. If you’re already doing all the PvP you want to holding on to gold is probably your best bet. It doesn’t look like the value’s going down any time soon, and we know there’s a new gold sink and a new set of Wheels of Fate rewards coming to spend it on.

  58. Thanks Mokog! I always look forward to your videos.

    IGN: Hatts

  59. I’m expecting the value of gold to increase from here since it’s been confirmed they’re adding more sinks but no new faucets anytime soon. I expect not even the most hardcore arena grinders will be able to keep going with another 3-5 months at least of no new PvE content.

    So I’m being pretty conservative with my gold, I’m only spinning common chests and getting playsets of the AA I actually like. Aside from that I’m only doing some long term speculating on rares from the AH.

  60. in my opinion if u have gold now u should trade all gold u have into plat.
    the gold bubble is coming near


  61. Currently, I am using any excess gold to get some extra copies of the AA commons for a rainy day.

    IGN brelse

  62. Gold? I know I should be buying AAs, but I bought a copy of each and I’m back to rolling chests, as usual. Chest spinning is hardly an efficient or practical way to spend gold, and I’m fully aware of it, but I grind plenty of plat and packs in drafting and I don’t need to spend money on cards as I don’t play Constructed, so the in game currencies aren’t worth enough to me to be worried on how I spend them.

    And seeing unspun chests in my inventory, especially commons, dig at my obsessive nature. Significantly. I’ll be sad when chest opening is implemented, as I’m certain all of my gold spent upgrading them will have been confirmed to be hardly worth it at that time (there’s no way the occasional upgrade is going to be worth THAT many thousands of gold).

  63. I was hoping to get a play set of the AA commons, but since I don’t play obsessively, and prior to the Arena I spent pretty much all but 25k in gold on chest rolling, I’m disappointed that the common AAs are going away soon.

    IGN: Lochmoor

  64. I think with how incredibly cheap packs are selling for now is a great time to be buying packs with gold, but as I’m close to completing both my set 1 & set 2 playsets, I feel like the best thing for me to do is wait and see what the new gold sink is, as well as see what the chests hold.

    IGN: Duzran

  65. I bought a playset of the gold AAs, but since then I’ve just been stockpiling. I’ll roll my chests when gold is worth less, and I don’t mind waiting a long time to do it. I’m curious about the new big goldsink. I think it’s possible we’re going to see a gold:plat rate of close to 25:1 unless some fresh PvE players come in or they release a new dungeon.

    IGN: Hidden

  66. I’m hoarding about 24K of plat which I raised through duplicate Rare AH sales, but I keep spending Gold as soon as I earn it. I can’t resist spinning chests so I have them ‘ready’ for opening #oneday 🙂

    IGN: Dawnstar

  67. I use all my gold on AA commons at the moment, but thats because i’m still a way off (about 200.000 gold) a full playset.

    If i had spare gold i would use it on set 2 boosters, as they are very cheap at the moment!

    IGN: Kaskeep

  68. Buying all the AA’s i can get my hands on atm. seems like a long term low risk solid investment.

  69. Convert into Plat; Use gold for AA -> Sell on AH for Plat (prepare for Set 3 packs)

    IGN: Phoenicia

  70. Good video – now how do you feel the Art extension gold sink will affect the gold values of Set 3 release?

    IGN: Varadrim

  71. I’m definitely planning to dump my gold into extended art cards for my favorite decks.

    IGN: Thoom

  72. my priority for gold is the aa commons not sure if they are an investment or just a nice thing to have after that more chest rolling will occur the extended art option does not interest me at all

  73. Great video and nice that you give the opportunity to get the Buccaneer Sleeve.
    Ign whippet

  74. Hi, I spent all my gold rolling chests. Hopefully it was a good value idea… Maybe not!

  75. The first giveaway is closed and we’ve selected a winner: Jeremy/Chimera! Check the email you registered with for the code.

    Everyone else: keep an eye out for the next AA Buccaneer sleeve giveaway on Tuesday.

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