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Hexonomics Blast: Gold Smart Alt Arts!

Howdy Hexers! Here is a quick Hexonomics video blast! We look at the time you can spend working for the new Gold AA Commons and review a couple tips for telling if your extra equipment is worth platinum or a small sum of gold!

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

3 Comments on Hexonomics Blast: Gold Smart Alt Arts!

  1. I have to disagree that you should not be buying equipment right now. You shouldn’t be buying the expensive items for plat, but there are tons of items you can buy for pennies.

  2. I can dive a little deeper into why buying maybe a bad idea at the time of the video. There are massive incentives to grind arena for the alt arts. With out the kick starter effect, prices would start dropping for equipment anyway. When we apply the Dungeon Crawler tier, equipment volume jumped up and does not appear to be coming down. This means each individual will be running arena supplying equipment to the AH and sending gold out of the economy for the new ALT Arts. With lots of supply, a big currency sink and an incentive to save we have deflation. Non-chase equipment will drop to proving grounds levels of gold. That is the time to take a small amount of your arena gold and patch together equips you have not found yet. Then just keep on grinding for uruunaz and the alt arts to eventually pull the chase gear.

    Two factors must change to break the deflation, we must have another way to remove equipment from our inventories (like a vendor) and the new Alt arts must become ubiquitous. Neither one of these conditions will happen in the near term and are difficult to time well.

    When I look at the incentives and consider the falling prices I do not recommend buying equipment unless you have an immediate need. There is a good chance it will drop for you anyway hunting Uruunaz and saving for the Alt art play sets.

  3. Bear in mind that not everyone is getting DungeonCrawler+ levels of loot. There are a lot of new players entering the game, and inexpensive equipment (I’m talking tens of plat or 1000-1500 g tops) can make the difference between fun and grind. I agree that for the most part, buying the chase equipment is not a good value right now, and if you can wait for the premium items, the prices will likely drop.

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