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Hexonomics: Art of the Flip

Howdy Hexers!

This week we take a look at flipping items in Hex with some beginner’s do’s and don’ts!


Hexonomics is a series where we will break down the various parts of the Hex economy so new player and veterans alike can gain new insights on how to better manage their gold, platinum and most valuable cards. Auction house strategies and long term card investments are all on the table. Hexonomics has you covered from login to profit!
Be sure to check out Hexonomics live Wednesdays at 7 PM CST @ the HEXTCG channel were we will have Q&A and giveaways after each show!

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

3 Comments on Hexonomics: Art of the Flip

  1. Hi mokog, im so much interested in your article.

    but can you just make the article reading version?, its not really enjoyable for people want to know your article but need to open the video first. Especially not a draft/gameplay footage.

    Im sure people will love if you could made your article into reading version not video one.

    Your Fans

    • Not to answer on Mokog’s behalf, but at FiveShards we’d prefer to have a variety of content of all kinds: video, written word, audio, etc. There’s quite a lot of other content available if you’d prefer to read, and some would instead prefer something they could watch while they are otherwise multi-tasking and don’t have time to go over a 1000+ word post.

      Addressing Mokog’s work specifically, he’s been doing HexHunter video content for longer than FiveShards existed and we basically adopted his videos as-is when we brought him on. It happens to be what he has time to produce, and we’re happy to provide a home for it.

    • Thank you for the feedback! I can give some perspective on why Hexonomics is Video vs article format. The first reason is time. It is faster for me to make a video than to produce 1500 word essay with my time constraints. My videos are generally data dumps from my brain onto the screen with minimal scripting. Some subjects likely deserve a fully written article but to produce those and have them ready for readership takes more time in the week than I can consistently allocate.

      The second reason is that there is no other current video source of this information for Hex. You can find periodic Hexprimal content on the Hex economy but there is no other video source. You can find a podcast which may cover the topics but they are not on youtube. I want that hole to be filled so Hexers across content platforms have good information.

      The third reason is content protection. All Hex written material has a bad habit of ending up on non-english sites run through google translate and re-edited for local viewership. In some cases this work is blatant and other cases it is artfully done. While I can’t speak for all of Fiveshards the issue isn’t so much that the content is republished in a new language but that the sites have not tried to formalize the arrangements and do things above board. If we could provide multilingual content we would do so. Having the information to as wide a viewership is one of our goals but reposting a google translated document feels like plagiarism. Video is harder to do this to in the sense, someone could rip my video from the source and repost, BUT they would still have to actually translate the content and provide a real service to their viewership. I would love to work with a translation group to have Hexonomics in multiple languages but I think we still have some growth to do before we hit that point!

      Till next time I will keep an eye out for some Hex content I can write up in the future and make our editors cry, because I can.

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