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Hex Beta! Deck Building w/ da Squire Ep. 72 Unloading….. Delay

Gwaer is back and this time he’s chosen to appear in his human form. I sure hope that he doesn’t get angry with me or he might transform back into a dragon and burn up the entire show! Join us as we talk about the recent set 3 news, a client memory leak issue, my upcoming GenCON interviews w/ the devs, and a deck build that focuses on the new prophecy mechanic!

Deck List!/deck=24973

Champion – Savvas

4 Thunderfield Seer
4 Thunderfield Elder
1 Reese the Crustcrawler
3 Indigo Dreamwalker
2 Augur of Sirion

2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
4 Ragefire
4 Heatwave
4 Countermagic
4 Burn
4 Arcane Focus

4 Shard of Innovation
12 Sapphire Shard
8 Ruby Shard

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