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Hex Art with Googly Eyes Part 1 – Set 1 Legendaries

The art in our game is fantastic. In terms of digital and paper trading card games, I am a huge fan of what the artists of Hex have done. With this admiration, I present Googly-Eyed Hex cards.



2016-08-21 23.43.27



2016-08-21 23.42.44



2016-08-21 23.42.17




2016-08-21 23.41.15



2016-08-21 23.40.15



2016-08-21 23.38.37



2016-08-21 23.37.49



2016-08-22 21.35.04



2016-08-22 21.34.38



2016-08-22 21.33.42



2016-08-22 21.33.29



2016-08-22 21.33.00




2016-08-22 21.30.31




2016-08-22 21.28.56



Whether you like this feature or not, I am going to give out some convocation codes (this includes a chance to get convocation sleeves). To be entered into a raffle, please let me know if you disliked this post (let me know that it was waste of time), liked the post and have a favorite card (which card?), or suggest the next card I should include in a future segment.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

22 Comments on Hex Art with Googly Eyes Part 1 – Set 1 Legendaries

  1. I’m loving me some derpy King Gabriel. That’s what he gets for liking Baby Yeti… A+ post…

  2. I really appreciate the use of creativity with regards to the placement of the googly eyes. Not just settling for placing them over the eyes of the characters, you chose to put some in places where never were and therefore added new depth to the art piece. The two examples of this are the sentient ship being attacked by the kracken and the screaming Muppet being set ablaze by the rampaging tarasque. Thank you sir for your contributions to the art community.

  3. I love the eyes.
    Is there a way to alter the color to be little more in line with the mood of the pictures?

  4. I don’t see the difference on King Gabriel, did you add something to him too? Looks the same to me.

  5. this mostly seemed like a waste of time but a few of them did give me a laugh king gab and boldheart most notably so maybe not a waste of time

  6. So that’s how necrotics will look with the new gems in their eye sockets. Brilliant ! High Tomb Lord gets my vote for confused and squinty look 😉

  7. Really like this post, Uruunaz and High Tomb Lord are my favorites!

  8. Awesome stuff. I think Uruunaz was meant to have googily eyes. It’s perfect.

    By why stop at googily eyes? Where is the glitter and pipe cleaners? I mean… a Lumbering Sparklespore WITH actual sparkles. It’s a no-brainer.

    Also, kudos for actually putting real googily eyes on your tablet/computer screen and not using Photoshop.

  9. I will say that angel of dawn’s googly eyes just fit it soo well. I will admit that this post is pretty funny. One suggestion that I have is trying it with vampire prince from herofall. Either that or herofall the card itself.

  10. I enjoyed it and would like to see more. It does seem like something that would get boring if it’s done too much though.
    As far as cards I would like to see Paw of Yazukan and Acolyte of Shoku seem like they would look pretty good

  11. Zombie Plague is the best.

    Request: Perhaps make at least one into a gif where the googly eye is wobbling around as it would if you picked up the card to read it.

  12. I consider myself something of a googly eyes aficionado. I must say you have perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the late 14th century masters. Of particular note, consider the tableau of the Zombie Plague card. Notice how you are never sure if the googly eyes are staring at you or at the figures themselves. This is how it should be.

    Bravo, sir, bravo.

  13. Well, yesterday the Tarasque managed to lower my mood (and my health) a lot in several constructed games.
    If I had known her eyes look like that my brave soldiers might have had a better fight.
    So: Rampaging Tarasque is the card.

  14. Uruunaz looks like a dead fish xD I like him.

  15. I liked this a lot, good job!

  16. zombie plague is the best lol, its much more funnier seeing them with googles

    Request:can you do it for set 5 card new dragon, i would love to see all the dragon with googles. And im joining for the raffle lol

  17. Well, I was gonna hate on this post, but then you went and put eyes on the Tarasque’s wall… Bravo.

  18. I would pick the Tarasque as my favorite as well, but I’d have to go with The Kraken, as the googly eyes on the ship makes it seem like the boat is surprised by the attack in a not-so-PC way.

  19. Be cool and smell a flower,
    Make love, not war, and shower,
    Kiss the world, and be groovy,
    Go ahead and make a Googly!

    Ya dabba dabba dabba
    Make a Googly!

    Ya dabba dabba dabba
    Make a Googly!

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