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Hex 100k Invitational Pictures by TecPhotoPhi

Here are the top pictures from the Hex 100k Invitational. Pictures of the competitors, community members, developers, cosplayers, and behind the scenes. Check out FiveShards’ Facebook page for more pictures of Day 1 and Day 2.


Tecnophi contributes in many different areas of FiveShards including the Twitch channel, 2 Turns Ahead guest appearances, occasional articles, and media content. Active in behind the scenes work related to the site. Can be contacted on Twitter: @Tecnophi.

2 Comments on Hex 100k Invitational Pictures by TecPhotoPhi

  1. Awesome Technophi! Thanks for posting all these great pictures in 1 place 🙂

  2. Had not seen the Jovial Pippit in any of the other pictures, that cosplay is great. XD

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