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HEX $100K Invitational – Draft Analysis

The biggest draft in HEX history is in the books!  Actually, quite literally as we have reams and reams of data from the draft that we will be digging into throughout the coming days.  For now though, we just have a summary of how the draft went down in terms of archetypes and matchups that the greatest players in HEX have worked with.  For reference, you can find the decklists here.


ArchetypeNumber of Drafters
Ruby/Diamond Aggro2
Blood/Diamond Midrange2
Ruby/Wild Ramp2
Wild/Sapphire Boris Blastforge1
Sapphire/Blood Spiders1


ShardNumber of Drafters in that Shard


The surprise Day 1 was the rise of the Vennen deck piloted by Cyriius.  Ironically then, the surprise of Day 2 is the LACK of Vennen that was drafted in the Top 8, with only JadiimJedi going to the Spiders when many reports have far more players drafting the deck in your typical 8-person queue.


We will probably get more into the details when we look at the data in a deep dive later on in the week, but for now it appears that Dragonborn may have been rewarded for remaining the most open to moving around as JadiimJedi and Vazrael were the only players to jump into Sapphire and also stayed out of the most popular two shards in Ruby and Diamond.  This is in spite of them BOTH having a Golden Avenger in their reserves!



Blood Diamond


ArchetypeMatch Wins/LossesGame Wins/Losses
Ruby Diamond1/02/0
Ruby Wild0/11/2
Wild Sapphire0/11/2
Blood Sapphire0/11/2


Blood Diamond was the closest to a 50/50 deck in terms of game record that we had on the weekend, despite not putting either drafter into the Top 4.  A few plays here and there were probably all that kept it out of the Semifinals, a testament to just how tight this competition was.


Ruby Diamond


ArchetypeMatch Wins/LossesGame Wins/Losses
Blood Diamond0/10/2
Ruby Wild0/32/6


Ruby Diamond was one of the archetypes many predicted to do very well coming into the weekend.  Instead, the only victory it had was against other Ruby Diamond decks and that was more than enough to keep the Ruby Diamond drafters from moving on.  You have to wonder, given the lack of Ruby in Day 1 constructed decks, whether we had a group of players who simply weren’t as comfortable running aggressive decks.


Ruby Wild


ArchetypeMatch Wins/LossesGame Wins/Losses
Blood Diamond1/02/1
Ruby Diamond3/06/2
Wild Sapphire0/11/2
Blood Sapphire0/11/2


Ruby Wild preyed upon its Ruby Diamond matchup.  It is hard to argue that Ruby Wild could have had an easier path to rewardings its drafters, but again when you get to players of this calibre then it is often the smallest advantages that can be what tips the scales.


Wild Sapphire


ArchetypeMatch Wins/LossesGame Wins/Losses
Blood Diamond1/02/0
Ruby Wild1/02/1
Blood Sapphire0/11/2


Only one Wild Sapphire drafter, and Vazrael went down the Boris Blastforge route instead of the otherwise more typical Winter Moon builds.  We didn’t see much Boris in the IQs, so it was interesting to watch someone take one of the more niche archetypes in triple Armies of Myth and get to the draft finals with it.


Blood Sapphire


ArchetypeMatch Wins/LossesGame Wins/Losses
Blood Diamond1/02/1
Ruby Wild1/02/1
Wild Sapphire1/02/1

If you would have gone into the weekend and said there would only be one Spider drafter, the first thing people would have replied was that you were lying.  The second would be that the Spider deck would run the table for sure.  Well, it happened and the Vennen menace did run the table against the game’s best drafters.  There might be RNG in some games of Vennen, but when you get all the best cards to yourself then you likely won’t need to roll the dice all that much.

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  1. The last section is titled Wild Sapphire, rather than B/S.

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