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HEX $100K Invitational – Day 1 Metagame Breakdown

Some real quick stats on what is hot down here in SoCal:


Champions Used

ChampionTotal #
Rutherford Banks4
Winter Moon3
Tetzot, Son of Omoc1

Banks and Moon for days.  Winter Moon has been the most popular champ in the past few tournaments, while Banks has been the champion of choice for the players that actually ended up winning the whole thing in both our final Invitational Qualifier and the Ruby Cup.  Will Banks make it three in a row, or will something else end up taking down the biggest tournament to date in HEX history?


Most Popular Cards

Card# Decks presentTotal # played
Arcane Focus520
Vampire Princess416
Arborean Rootfather514
Time Ripple514
Succulent Cluckodon414
Angel of Dawn414
Vampire King413
Phenteo the Brood Priest412
Soul Marble312
Azurefate Sorceress312
Solitary Exile410
Drowned Shrine of Ulthar49

Not many huge surprises, but one thing that stands out is Carnasaurus and Cluckodon being so popular.  If you wonder why players shied away from the aggressive decks, you can partially point to the aggro-hate being so prevalent in reserves as a reason.  The other surprise might be the number of Drowned Shrines in player’s decks.  Although many think of it primarily as a reserves card, it made multiple maindecks in the tournament as well due to players anticipating at least some of the competitors bringing Winter Moon and other card draw heavy decks.


Shards Used

ShardTotal # of Decks

Once again, the story of the day shows up and really can be hammered home here in just one small table.  Ruby just wasn’t here in the numbers you might have expected.  You could call SaDOlution and JadiimJedi’s Diamond Wild Banks deck a Ruby deck as well thanks to the gem slot flexibility, but considering they have access to Shardcall and will gladly socket in off-shard gems like the Major Sapphire of Subterfuge to mill out opposing Wild decks so we’ll just group decks by the Standard Shards they play.  Vagabundo and Djinni had preferred Ruby decks in the past, so it is possible that players built their decks anticipating more Ruby that just didn’t make it to the event.  Either way, with small sample size and the specific formatting of the Invitational, I don’t expect to see the dearth of Ruby decks going forward in the general metagame.


Day 1 Matchup results by Archetype

Note: I’m lumping Koma and Eaglov’s deck together even though they have some fairly striking differences.  Those differences affect a few matchups, but for ease of reading and because many general matchups remain the same I am including them together here.


WS Winter Moon Control

Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
BD Control1/02/0
DW Ramp1/02/0
Mono B1/01/2

One loss to Vennen, and the other loss was between the Winter Moon mirror (where Koma’s deck defections might be what made the difference).  Both Winter Moon players are clearly hoping for Cyriius to not move on to the Top 4.



Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
WS Winter Moon0/21/4
DW Ramp1/02/1
Blood Moon1/02/0

Azurecannon has to hope that the Winter Moon decks that beat it in the early rounds don’t keep moving forward.  Not a lot of data versus the other Blood decks, so could be interesting to see what Vazrael’s choices will result in those matchups should he make Top 4.


BD Control

Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
WS Winter Moon0/10/2
DW Ramp0/11/2
Blood Moon2/04/0
Mono Blood1/02/1

BD Control is going to miss being able to poach on the Blood Moon deck that InfamousNeo piloted.


DW Ramp

Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
WS Winter Moon0/11/2
BD Control1/02/1
Blood Moon1/02/1
Mono Blood0/21/4

JJ is the sole pilot remaining for DW Ramp, and he’s surely got to be hoping that MasterMattchu and Cyriius don’t move into a Top 4 with him, as they ate the lunch of the Dragonborn deck in this tournament so far.


Blood Moon

Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
BD Control0/20/4
DW Ramp0/11/2

A poor showing for the only tri-shard deck in the tournament.  Without a pilot moving on, this will be all the data we get on Blood Moon out of this tournament.



Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
WS Winter Moon1/02/0
BD Control1/02/1
DW Ramp2/04/1

Cyriius had to be happy with his Day 1 showing, and considering he faced a diverse selection of the $100k metagame he has to feel good about his chances if he can move past the draft.


Mono Blood

Opposing DeckMatch Wins/Game LossesGame Wins/Game Losses
WS Winter Moon0/11/2
BD Control0/11/2
DW Ramp2/04/1

MasterMattchu made his bank on this tournament so far by eating the breakfast of the Dragonborn DW Ramp deck.  He was competitive in his other match ups, so it certainly looks like despite one of the DW Ramp decks falling he has a good chance should be make it up to Top 4.

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