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Guide to Drafting

This is a series of videos that will teach you the basics of drafting from the ground up. If you’re new to the game or just new to drafting there is a lot to learn here. Some of the early stuff a lot of you will know already. But there may be some things here you’ve yet to learn.

Good Luck, Have fun.


InfamousNeo is among the most popular streamers for Hex TCG; so popular, in fact, he just recently became the first Hex Streamer to be partnered with Twitch! Along with Cirouss, he helped to raise over $13,000 for charity on Hex’s main channel through a 48 hour stream. Neo reached the Top 8 back in the March 2014 HexTCG Pro Championship tournament and he made the top 4 in the 2014 Championship invitational tournament. InfamousNeo is in Clan Blackblade.

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