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Gen Con Contest Winners!

Over the Gen Con 2015 weekend we were accepting entries for our pair of Convocation 2015 contests—and today we’ve drawn winners! Here’s the list of lucky button-scavengers and community participants:

  • Cloud King Sleeve: TikTAKTIKS (via comments)
  • Cloud King Sleeve: nickon (via comments)
  • Cloud King Sleeve: @HexPoetic (via Twitter)
  • Cloud King Sleeve: pjvedder (via comments)

Winners will be contacted for their in-game names via Twitter direct message or the email registered with our comment system and prizes will be distributed through this weekend. Thanks for participating, everybody—and those of you who attended Gen Con, it was great to meet you. See you next year!

FiveShards Managing Editor and Co-Founder. Relentless drafter and occasional panelist of the 2TurnsAhead podcast. Plays cards with Hex team "Rated-Hex".

6 Comments on Gen Con Contest Winners!

  1. Awesome GPrime! I finally won something! Thanks so much ^^

  2. Sweeeet!! Thanks guys!!

  3. Gratz everyone!

  4. Pfft. I COMPLETELY forgot this was even a thing. ^^; Oh well!

  5. Awesome, was surprised to see my name on there. Thanks guys!

  6. Woot, nice meeting everyone at Gen Con, was fun.

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