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Future Tech: Upgrade Job

So, the Armies of Myth have kicked in, and you have probably had some fun playing the release celebration tournaments. But with the weekend over, it’s time to remember about constructed—and while there are a few new archetypes (or the archetypes changed enough to be considered new) on the horizon, some of you might stick to the old decks for a while and see where it goes. But those old decks could use an upgrade too, and today we will review the options.


In his article from last week, Wurtil already touched on this—the only new took that fits in the old build of mono-sapphire is Arcane Focus. Yes, for a mono-deck it is just a much weaker version of peek, but there is one thing it can do that peek can not: search for a turn 2 Reese, the Crustcrawler. Is it worth it or not? I am not certain. I always liked Wyatt versions that were a bit less reliant on the legendary dwarf, so my answer would probably be no.

RS Feast

Feast has received quite a few new options, but they all will force you to change the way you play a little bit to suit their new strengths:

Quash Ridge Tusker
Not only has he resurrected mono-Ruby aggro from the ashes, Tusker could also be a great fit for the feast. However, it would be the only troop in your deck that does not synergize with Cerulean Mirror Knight, and it probably wants you to go for early aggression or a blowout combo. You probably want to run a good number of Time Ripples or maybe even a couple Stormcalls along with him as Tusker-PocaFeast is an easy lethal. However, you would have to give up on the late game/control plan that some of the RS builds lean towards.

Deathmask Assailant
Another interesting utility troop that also works great with the above-mentioned orc. If mono-Ruby aggro falls off again, Assailant-Tusker-Bounce might form an interesting archetype. I liked Field Tactician in my latest set-2 builds of Feast, and Assailant might fit quite well on its place on its own, letting you sneak the lethal Poca-Feast against a blocking Vampire King.

Highlands Blackbelt
I don’t quite underatand why did a lot of people think this card is amazing—it just slows you down too hard to be maindeckable. Even for sideboard, it doesn’t really look good; if you want the AOE, you’d rather have heat wave. If you want the spot removal, get a couple extra burns. If you want the damage, it takes 6 resources to use her active with Feast… She is just not good enough.

Woolvir Baa’sher
An agressive 2-drop that also procs his passive twice with Feast. There is probably no place for Baa’sher in mono-ruby decks, but there might be in feast. Its 3 health also means that with a slow/defensive start you will have a solid body to hold off some early aggression. I would at least try fitting a playset into your feast build and see where it goes.

Thunderfield Elder
This one is not that obvious, but it works incredibly well with every spell played in Feast decks except for interrupts. Ripples, removal, Feast—each of those doubled will mean quite a lot to you. And the effect is attached to a reasonable body, so this is what I probably would try to fit first into the most “classic” builds.

Last but not least is the new friend of Subterranean Spy: Smirking Trickster. He both lets you know your opponent’s hand before your turn X, as well as provides an extra unexpected attacker for that turn. I would even call it an auto-include, but there are so many great 2-drops with different functions that picking one would probably be a matter of taste and chosen strategy.

RS Control

The deck that I have often regarded (with or without shoggoth) as the best deck of set 2 (and I still think it was) has received some cards that may or may not find their way to the deck.

Unlike mono-sapphire, here Arcane Focus looks like a direct upgrade over peek; however, not many RS builds utilized peek anyway. Syzygy has the potential to be broken, but until proper support appears you probably want to hold it in your collection as without a proper deck setup it might be just a wasted card. Scorch is a solid sideboard choice against the Tuker Rush that can let you set up while also fighting back. Thunderfield Seer is just not worth it without graveyard recursion, and Cyclone Shaman requires too many troops to work.

The best card we’ve gotten from Armies for this archetype is certainly an Augur of Sirion. An extra Archmage Wrenlocke with a solid body and evasion is exactly what I always wanted for the deck, however its high cost might conflict with the Wrenlocke-Dreamer-Mastery win plan and you will have to make a choice to go full-actions or not. I know my choice here, but you’ll have to make your own.

SW Control

The builds utilizing Sight of the Sun with Sapphire’s card advantage and interrupts have been seen frequently in the latter periods of the Shattered Destiny meta—but in Armies of Myth those shards got so many synergic cards that you should just rebuild the deck around those from the scratch. If you still want to just fit a couple cards into your current build, turn your eyes onto the perfect deck-manipulating tool of Dreamsmoke Mystic, which provides a great resource sink for the Sight of the Sun. Another obvious inclusion will be the Windsinger, Master of the Hunt; he provides you both with card advantage and free resources. Just what you wanted.

BS Control

The deck is essentially an “Anti-Control Control” and in the early set meta you always expect more aggressive decks, so you’ll probably put this deck on a shelf for a while. For those who still want to run this deck it—just like RS—have Arcane Focus and Augur of Sirion to work with, along with a blood-exclusive Rot Cast. The double-blood threshold on the new common removal might look dangerous—but not taking it into an aggressive enviromnent is even worse, so we are forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

Also, Blood has received a couple of interesting sideboard cards for control in the form of Vampire Princess and Phenteo the Blood Priest. Princess works good against action decks (i.e. other controls), and Phenteo is perfect against those who want to draw lots (i.e. other controls)—so, in fact, they fit into pretty much the same role and you will want to choose only one of them.


Blood/Diamond has received a few cards that may or may not ultimately find their place in the deck. Martyr is extremely important against WR Majesty, but you don’t really want to have it in hand against mono-Ruby. Vampire Princess and Phenteo are good, but are they good enough to substitute for one of your few troops? Pride’s Fall and Rot Casr are yet additional removals that have their ups and downs—so you will have to compare them to other options to prepare for your metagame. I would say that Rot Casts’s BB threshold makes it a ‘no’ as you want the turn-1 diamond for the Angel of Dawn chance, and Pride’s Fall is a bit too limited compared to Repel and Murder. Golden Avenger might look good, but you don’t have quite enough troops to wear his mask.

Future is a veteran Russian player coming from offline TCGs such as Berserk TCG and WoW TCG. A stalwart in the competitive scene both in community organized events and in official tournaments, Future provides expert analysis on strategy in both constructed and limited.

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  1. great article! too bad none of this old archetypes stand a chance against new mono-Ruby aggro. we’ll just have to wait and see after a couple months of VIPs and Shard Cups.

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