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Future Tech: Goremastered

Having seen half of Diamond Cup’s Top-8 populated by Goremaster-based decks and probably facing a few yourself (maybe experiencing a deadly 4-turn 50+ damage attack too) you might wonder: will the same concept work alongside Shards of Fate? If we look at Kindmime’s winning list, most of cards are good by themselves and have seen play in the Standard meta, so you might even just try bringing his deck to 8-man queue; you might not end up winning, but I also don’t expect to see you completely wrecked. Going back a little further, let’s open up the Blood Cup Decklists, find the Ruby/Wild Goremaster deck piloted by Cirouss and search for set 1 cards. The only one you’ll find, surprisingly, will be Chlorophyllia.

If I were to run a version of the deck myself, it would probably look like this:

RW Goremaster

Champion: Lionell Flynn

Troops (22)

4x Mentor of Oakhenge
4x Goremaster
4x Jags the Blademaster
4x Stink Troll
4x Wrathwood Master Moss
2x Arborean Rootfather (Speed/Damage)

Actions (14)

4x Crackling Bolt
4x Crackling Sprout
4x Boulder Toss
2x Wild Growth

Resources (24)8x Ruby Shard
8x Wild Shard
4x Shard of Savagery
4x Crackling Vortex

As you might notice, once again the deck is built almost entirely with set 2 cards. It wasn’t intentional, but Shattered Destiny provides everything we need for the deck and the best of it. Even Wild Growth isn’t strictly necessary; we could just add 2 more Rootfathers and be fine with it.

However, even though the list looks quite good on paper, there’s one reason I’m not a huge fan of it and that makes it struggle to win against the standard decks: it’s not explosive enough. The only way for us to win fast is Goremaster; Stink Troll and Jags are not a huge threats by themselves and the Master Moss is huge but slow. And even when we win without Goremaster, we often rely on a single over-buffed troop to win us a game. And although Shattered Destiny harbors few quick-speed answers to a huge Moss swinging in while throwing a boulder, Set 1 has Time Ripple, Murder and many many other ways to stop those shenanigans.

So if I play a Ruby/Wild deck with a goremaster, it must be fast. It should be able to goldfish people from 20 to 0 on turn 3. It should pressure an opponent with a few small troops growing like mushrooms after the rain if left unchecked. And if you played the game during spring 2014, you might remember there was a deck capable of doing that even without Goremaster: the explosive R/W aggro based on Kindling Skarn, Gas Troll and cheap combat tricks. It even used Crimson Clarity to play Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl out of 3 or even 2 shards—which we could now use for a turn-2 Goremaster.

RW SkarnTrollMaster

Champion: Lionell Flynn

Troops (15)

4x Kindling Skarn
4x Gas Troll
4x Goremaster
3x Stink Troll

Actions (33)

2x Burn
4x Crushing Blow
4x Wild Growth
3x Crimson Clarity
4x Crackling Bolt
4x Crackling Sprout
2x Boulder Toss

Resources (22)7x Wild Shard
7x Ruby Shard
4x Crackling Vortex
4x Shard of Savagery

In this deck, we have:

33 ways to pump Kindling Skarn: 10 1-cost, 8 2-cost, 2 3-cost and 3 essentially free.

36 ways to pump Gas Troll: 10 1-cost, 4 2-cost, 9 3-cost and 3 essentially free.

11 cards + a champion power that can boost Goremaster’s attack in 1st main phase, 4 of them also giving a charge after buff. Also, the same 4 cards (the Crackling Sprouts) serve as an instant source of charge, working well with an attack-only crushing blow.

4 cards that have their own crush + 12 ways to give it to activate Stink Troll buff (including Troll himself)

You might ask why there isn’t a Reactor Bot here. It seems to be naturally at home in a deck with 8 Crackling spells and 4 Vortex, but I feel that every other troop is more important for us. Also, every troop in our deck at the moment has more than one health or has a way to gain health permanently, so Zared is less of a problem for us; Reactor Bot would die to it every time.

Unfortunately the deck is not very stable. Still, I think the fun of playing with its ability to give you incredible hands completely makes up for that. If you are feeling lucky and Kismet clearly favors you, you should definitely try it!

As always, I appreciate any feedback. Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think.

Future is a veteran Russian player coming from offline TCGs such as Berserk TCG and WoW TCG. A stalwart in the competitive scene both in community organized events and in official tournaments, Future provides expert analysis on strategy in both constructed and limited.

4 Comments on Future Tech: Goremastered

  1. In the diamond cup I ran x4 Mentor of Oakhenge and x4 Constantina. I feel Mentor should be more of a sideboard against aggro decks. They really help to pump out the goremasters, but maindeck vs certain types of deck they tend to fall short.

    • That’s a valid point, I’m often forgetting about Constantina (even though I have maindecked it in the blood cup in the deck I have played). the only problem is that with the shard set up we run, we might not be able to play it t2 consistently. Still, a viable option to explore
      I went back and forth with Mentors, and if I would test more I might get rid of them maindeck again – but I felt like the early meta will be more aggressive, so I had them in.

  2. Why no charge bot/charge hulk?

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