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Funktional Drafting—The First Eight

Today we’ll be doing something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. Drafting can often be incredibly complex; not only are you evaluating cards on the fly, but the power levels of those cards change as you get deeper into each pack. Obviously some cards have synergy  with one another, and in many cases they will also interlock with whatever champion you wind up choosing. Meanwhile you also need to pay close attention to the cards which you are passing so that you are prepared throughout the rest of the draft process as well as during actual game play.

A lot of new players are picking up Hex and asking for advice with drafting. I feel that if you are comfortable with the client that drafting can be one of the best ways to further familiarize yourself with the game. If your draft starts off well it is more likely to end well. With that said, we’re going to be looking at the first eight picks of a draft I was in recently. Before we go any further, however, I want to elaborate on why we’re only reviewing the first eight picks. Every time you take a card in draft you create a “butterfly effect” for all players participating. The cards that you decide to take directly impact the decisions of the other players. By isolating the first eight picks we are able to realistically look at what other routes and strategies might have otherwise been available to us since up until the 9th pick none of our decisions have come full circle.

Note: One final thing before we start: I will be giving out the required packs and platinum needed to enter a draft to one randomly chosen person who lists out their first eight picks in the comments below. (see the end of this article for further info)

I will be going over the details of each pick directly below each picture. If you want to follow along and see where you might have wound up I suggest that you try to skip over my text on the first pass and then go back to read it.


Pick 1

Pick 1: This pack has an abundance of Blood cards, but none of them are particularly amazing by my standards. As a rare, Subtle Striker isn’t terrible by any means, it is an early game troop that has the ability to lock your opponent out of using their champion’s charge power. With Shattered Destiny being such a charge-centric set this can be pretty decent but at the end of the day I don’t feel like we’d be getting enough mileage by taking him this early. The other cards in this pack which I personally like are Bastion of Adamanth (late game threat), Town Crier (your ticket to value town) and Underground Overdriver (decent robot synergy). Town Crier can require quite a bit of effort to get going and is also a somewhat underwhelming body at a cost where you often can’t afford to only be playing a 2/2. However, this pack offers so many options for other archtypes that we might have the option of forcing Sapphire.
My pick: Town Crier


Pick 2

Pick 2: Scheme fetches a decent price (~100p) and it is a card that definitely has potential to spike up higher at some point. It is unlikely to pull a ton of weight in draft but I wouldn’t shame anyone for just raredrafting it. I’m personally a big fan of both Killblade of the Milky Eye and S.P.A.M. Bot, though I probably overvalue the robot a little bit. The person who opened this took a common (surely Hexpardy champ Pentachills could tell us what it was), and left us with quite the gift in the form of Royal Enforcer. Obviously, a 5/5 troop with spellshield can wreck some face.
My Pick: Royal Enforcer


Pick 3

Pick 3: Given what we already had the last pack was pretty easy. This one on the other hand definitely presents a few options. A rare and uncommon are both missing and wild is the least represented shard. More often than not my personal draft strategy is to commit early which I feel pays off during packs two and three. There’s no strong reason to jump ship and take the Tormented Ritualist when we have strong options like Elite Pyromancer and Queensguard. I feel like this could be somewhat of a tossup but the Queensguard just has too much potential for me to pass up.
My pick: Queensguard


Pick 4

Pick 4: At this point, Blood seems exceptionally open but we’ve already passed a few pretty solid cards. If we wanted to switch now would be the time, the Wakizashi Ambusher can really wreck someone’s day. The two factors to consider, however, are that none of our cards play particularly well with Blood (although we could probably pull off Blood / Sapphire evasion with Bunoshi) and we’ve already passed a goodly number of strong Blood cards. Hex drafting can be fairly forgiving but this pick is the point of no return.
My pick: Murmurs from the Void (Decent removal / tempo, and hopefully we can snag a couple Mindcallers to reduce the cost.)


Pick 5

Pick 5: Not that you would ever know since this is written rather than recorded but I feel like I misspicked here. The choices which we’re being presented are all pretty close to one another. The Field Tactician fills a gap which we might otherwise have trouble with and can be quite strong against the Bunoshi based opponents which we will undoubtedly face. Additionally, the Augmented Awakening gives us a chance to rebuy one of our threats and have it come back with a vengeance. The other option is for us to take one of the two cards that offer shard fixing. In hindsight I think I should’ve grabbed the Tactician but I wanted to try something out.
My pick: Hex Geode


Pick 6

Pick 6: Next time I’ll take better pictures : P. I could really use a Mindcaller or two but I also need to pay attention to my curve and don’t want to fall too far behind in the early game. More importantly, we passed a couple Mindcallers already (back in packs one and two) and I expect some to wheel (hint: they did). Passing the Reactor Bot though is gonna hurt but I like that what we have so far “doubles down” on what the Messenger is particularly good at.
My pick: Phoenix Guard Messenger


Pick 7

Pick 7: Okay now this seems like a pretty dead pack to us. I don’t particularly like playing against Lethal Weapons but it is also easy enough to pick up that there is no point hate drafting it to deny it to the other players. We have already passed a Crackling Wit and a couple Dementia Daisies though and it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to keep our options open in case something goes horribly wrong. Also, at this point we are undoubtedly in Sapphire and we want to make sure that the next pack is as good as it can be for us. We really want to avoid giving the other players any reason to consider being in Sapphire. Taking Daisies helps us shove them out—maybe not by much but it does.
My pick: Dementia Daisies


Pick 8

Pick 8: Arriving at the 8th pack this is a somewhat good sign to me. There is a Sapphire card which we’re happy to play and there are a whole bunch of other cards that all go into the same archetypes. The rest of the players in the draft are going to be fighting over the same cards while we get to take whatever we like.
My pick: Subterranean Spy.

Some tips to mention moving forward:

  • We are definitely playing humans (and need to pick up another 6-8 of them for the town crier to pay off).
  • Sapphire is almost certainly our primarily color, pick a second one to focus on rather than grabbing Diamond and  Ruby equally.
  • Palamedes / Sir Giles Rowan / Feather Drifting Downriver are all potential champion candidates for us.
  • We want to pick up one of the Mindcallers we passed.
  • Our 11th pick should have something solid waiting for us.
  • Try and grab a Bastion in pack two if we can.
  • The strongest cards we’ve passed were fairly aggressive ones. We need to shore up our early game and prioritize removal since we’re currently pretty light in that department.


It seemed like there were two directions that were available to us. The first, and also the one we took, was to commit heavily to Sapphire ensuring that packs two and three would be delivering gifts. The second option would have been to take the best card in the first 3 picks regardless of what we already had in which case it is possible we might have wound up playing Blood. I’m just not that confident that we’d have wound up with a decklist that had the power level to get us very far had we gone with option two.

I ended up losing in a fairly close game three of the finals, but here is what I ran:
Deck List

As mentioned above, I’ll be giving out the required packs and plat to enter draft to a randomly chosen person who leaves a list of their picks in the comments below.

  • Be sure to include your Hex in-game username
  • I will choose the winner on Wednesday, April 29th @ ~10pm CST

Funktion became active in the Hex community very early on as one of the first people producing Youtube content. Funktion made top 8 of the July HexTCG Pro Series, and can be caught in draft queues at all hours of the night. You can find him on Twitter Twitch & Youtube

26 Comments on Funktional Drafting—The First Eight

  1. Ign: Hurricane
    1. Subtle striker
    2. Scheme
    3. Darkspire punisher
    4. Wakizashi Ambusher
    5. Dementia daisies
    6. Dementia daisies
    7. Dementia daisies
    8. Giant mosquito

    I’m still new enough to rare draft, but in hindsight I believe this is a decent start to a blood/sapphire deck. Possible options for agro and mill.

  2. Well, those would have been my picks:

    1. Subtle Striker (I’d be kinda disappointed opening this pack, my 2nd choice would have been the bastion, I don’t like committing to an archetype that early unless I have a really good reason to, like a cutblood. The crier is not strong enough to do so)
    2. Killblade (The royal enforcer would be a good pick if I haven’t let pass the crier in the first pack or I had a human-color card as a first pick)
    3. Tormented ritualist (notable picks here: pyromancer, darkspire punisher, Phoenix guard enforcer, queensguard. But with the first packs passing strong signals I avoid humans at this point, and the ritualist can end games by itself when buffed with bunoshi, so…)
    4. Wakizashi (No discussion here, and I’m in blood for sure in this draft from this point on)
    5. Crackling Sprout (No good blood cards in this pack (skullcaster is ok for an aggressive curve, but it’s not by any means a good card and surely not a 5th pick. It’s still early and we see 2 wild pretty open with the sprout and the bannerbuny (and we’ve seen one of each being pass already). Both are good cards but since I’ve got already 4 creatures I favor the combat trick)
    6. Reactor bot (The punisher is a close 2nd pick and would be good to have if I end up going Blood ruby with some orc synergy, but I’ve been screwed so many times with the double threshold that I favor the artifact here)
    7. Redwood (Pretty much a dead pack otherwise. Concubunny may be an option as bunoshi fuel, but I don’t really like her)
    8. Giant Mosquito (Hands down, another card that can be a huge pain in the ass when buffed with bunoshi)

    Seeing packs 7 & 8 I will be very happy seeing Blood and Wild so open.
    My plan from this point will be getting a Blood Wild aggro deck with bunoshi, picking all the mosquitoes, ritualists and removal I can in the next packs, but maybe switching to Blood Ruby if I open a good ruby bomb in the 2nd pack.

    Happy drafting!

    IGN: Plaga

  3. Hello funktion. I wanted to play along with this article and pick my drafts from the pictures first then go back and read what you picked and why, which would be a really helpful process.
    I have a suggestion though, to make it an easier process for new players who can’t discern the cards from a glance at the art. A text list of the card names below each picture would allow easy pasting into TCGbrowser and cut the time needed to find out what each of these cards actually do.
    Don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful, I really appreciate the effort to teach new players such as myself about the drafting process.
    Keep up the good work!

    • I really appreciate the feedback. While preparing the article those same thoughts had gone through my head. There are a couple other options even, though not all of them are currently available to us on a technical side.

      A text list in addition to or in place of the pictures was definitely something I considered but I ruled out (for this first article at least) because I was concerned about what that might mean for the overall formatting of the article.

      All that said, thank you for the feedback! I really do appreciate it and am glad to hear that you’re enjoying this.

  4. this one will be my pick:

    1. Subtle Striker [what you expect more man.a rare that can be sold for minimizing draft cost and a damn good 2 cost creature that basically spell this gonna be an easy game vs bunoshi/berthram/zared champion]
    2. Scheme (wohoo free plat entry for today draft,i open 3 booster,kicking some people think theyre great at draft for passing 100 plat to get heh killblade,remember youre not doing world championship hex draft here its just a tournament queue so you need to balance your wallet vs viable pick for your deck)
    3. Tormented ritualist (since you have pick subtle striker for 1st we can gladly go for the tormented ritualist here)
    4. Wakizashi (Bah wtf man wakizashi passed at 4rd pick,it means who open this booster first get reese/monsuun/moss and the 2nd picker get the op crackling bolt and maybe the 3rd picker getting another crackling bolt too.lucky one for this booster opener)
    5. field tactician (mann theres no good card in this pack,im so sad lets go for blood/saphire bunoshi flyer here i think)
    6. Punisher (Thanks for the punisher man,you give me fuel for my bunoshi)
    7. Rotting bufallo(1st knowledge in draft,go for your deck 1st then u can cut other people card.Vanilla bufallo are the best filler in deck )
    8. Giant Mosquito (muahahahaha turn 3 mosquito 3/3 beating your opp to death or you want to cry cause opp use bolt to remove your mosquito and it ends up 3:1 trading lol)

    so basically from what we draft we still had chance to go mono blood and later we could take terrible transfer and ofc kogteptl thirst or you could just go for blood saphire for the flyer beater

    let me say something,in draft usually when you see your deck and said oh my god i draft a prety damn beast deck and you think you could rule the world thats when you usually lose 0-2 to some random 3 color not human deck in round 1.

    and now youre remembering all the 150p rare that u pass because u want to take murder/bolt/rot

    source:some free player who could go infinite drafting in hex.

    IGN: Propa

    gl in your draft^^

  5. Bastion of Adamanth – like this guy in humans and B/D control
    Royal Enforcer – He’s hard to deal with in tri-shard
    Elite Pyromancer – I think he fits into most archetypes and its looking like tri-shard humans, but could change.
    Wakazashi Ambusher – nothing I like here for tri-shard humans, and seeing him 4th pick makes me think more good blood could be coming
    Immortal Tears – I’d have a lot of trouble with this pack. If I didn’t have 4 other shards, I’d take Crackling Sprout. I’d be very tempted by the fixing from Geode and Tears, and Augmented Awakening would work well if I go B/D.
    Mindcaller – With my Bastion and Royal enforcer, this guy becomes better.
    Ambling Bluff – I don’t really want anything here, but bluff can be ok if I pick up a Seapriest
    Spy – Haven’t seen any more blood that makes me give up the trishard humans plan, so Spy fits.
    IGN: Silvanos

  6. 1. Subtle striker
    2. Scheme
    3. Charge hulk
    4. Wakazashi ambusher
    5. Crackling sprout
    6. Reactor not
    7. Strength of the redwood
    8. Giant mosquito
    Ign: nicosharp

  7. I think blood looks really strong here. Disclaimer. I am new to Hex.
    1) Subtle Striker – this seems great. It is always good to try out rare effects when you get the chance. Seeing them in action really helps to evaluate how good they may be. Best time to do it is in a practice draft!
    2) Killblade – removal is good
    3) Tormented Ritualist – one of the top cards at common
    4) Wakizashi Ambusher – really hard to pass on the ritualist number two but this is just better. Removal and synergy.
    5) Crackling Sprout – maybe looking towards a charge subtheme
    6) Reactor Bot
    7) Lethal Weapons – almost want to pick blossoming Concubunny here. I just hope it tables
    8) Giant Mosquito – Looks like blood is in a good spot here.
    IGN – LeetRice

    • Your reasoning for Subtle Striker is VERY strong I feel. I’m always an advocate for that route where if you don’t have much experience playing with a particular rare that you should try and give it a chance since you don’t see that opportunity as often with the other cards. Granted in my case I’ve had some of that experience and personally wasn’t impressed but those evaluations are important to be made first hand by each player.

  8. I have some trouble reading the cards, so I’ll do my best.
    1. crier has to be the best card there for a human tribal deck, though watch out for heavy removal decks (or decks that trade favorably with your duded) 2nd choice, Bastion
    2. Scheme, because 4 additional copies of a removal spell is value. otherwise the enforcer.
    3. queensguard
    4. Murmurs: removal, though expenisve
    5. Tactician, one more human for Crier to hit, though Geode is good for fixing
    6. hatedraft the dasies
    7. diasies, consider mill, feel terrible about my life choices
    8. spy is interesting.

  9. Really interesting article. More like that would be a really good way of understanding what’s in the mind of more experienced player. Here is what would be my picks:

    – Subtle Striker
    – Scheme
    – Charge Bot
    – Crackling Sprout
    – Crackling Sprout (Wild looks open so I would probably go that way)
    – Reactor Bot
    – Strength of the Redwood
    – Surprise Runt Gang

    IGN: Raklets

  10. My picks …

    Overall, I definitely see where your deck is headed. I like tri-shard humans as an archetype too. I know your deck made the finals, I’m curious as to what you lost to there.

    1) I think the Subtle Striker as the best card in this pack as well, for reasons mentioned above, with Town Crier second. Bastion and (the hideously underrated) Overdriver are behind and can usually be picked up in picks 3-5. However, the pick is the Crier for the reason you mention in your article – there’s a lot of (admittedly mediocre) Blood in that pack, and sapphire is pretty strong in 2-2-1.
    2) Enforcer is the pick. The only way you’re behind with it is as a 3/3 spellshield. Scheme is unplayable, the next best cards are the Firesoul Wizard and the Immortal Tears. Interestingly (as many have noted in their picks later in the comments) a move into blood in the first pack with the Subtle Striker pays off here with a Killblade and little else for blood, letting you cut pretty hard.
    3) Strongly disagree with the Queensguard pick. Elite Pyromancer, when combined with the sapphire flyers (or even just playing more troops) will just win games. Queensguard requires so much setup, and drawing it late is horrendous. Tormented Ritualist is the pick if you went Blood.
    4) As you mention, this is the point of no return. But you picked a Murmurs from the Void (I am happy any time someone plays this card against me – its pretty awful) instead of the Wakazishi Ambusher. Blood is clearly open, but you’ve settled with incredibly mediocre removal instead of one of the top uncommons in the set. Yes, you’re abandoning your first two picks, but you are nimble enough to now move into R/B before its too late.
    5) I’m surprised you didn’t consider the Tears here instead of the Geode. Sure, its slower, but it lets you hit a resource drop. Augmented Awakening is only the pick if you have the Bastion from Pick 1, as dual diamond is probably not something you’re going to want to hit. My pick is the Tears, and splash a third shard if I need/want it. Crackling Sprout is a very good card for the Blood drafters, and a good sign to move into Wild. Field Tactician is the pick if you’re in blood/sapphire.
    6) Darkspire Punisher is the best card in the pack, Messenger is the card for your deck.
    7) Pack is not only dead to you, but damn near everyone else. Hate the daisies and don’t overthink it.
    8) A gift in the form of an 8th pick Giant Mosquito. Spy is definitely the pick for you.

    One advantage to moving into Ruby/Blood is that Blood will flow to you in Pack 3, and Blood is the deepest shard in set 1 (and Ruby is probably the deepest color in set 2).

    IGN: Varadrim

    • Seems like we disagree on the evaluation of murmurs. I quite like it and have had quite a bit of success with it. Sure it is slow but it’s also quite flexible and there are even a few tricks you can do with it if you build accordingly. That said I don’t think it is tier one removal by any means but it can definitely deliver the punch you need in the right circumstances.

      As for why I lost in the 3rd game of the finals. It was a pretty even game, they were playing an aggressive bunoshi deck and I kept a somewhat slow hand eventually stabilized somewhat and we were both in topdeck mode though I was ahead decently in board position. There was a turn where I could have swung and closed the gap a little bit on his life total but if he drew a shard I’d have been garunteed dead. The odds were that he’d draw one so I waited another turn, turned out he didn’t but I think I don’t think I’d have had the kill in time either way. Can’t win em all : P

      • it were pretty good close 3 games in finals. I needed to draw shards to get my ritualist through and murmurs was a real pain for me taking away my bunoshi buffed moskitos … after this article i found out that i was sitting behind you in draft and picked the blood cards for a bunoshi deck with a bit of wild splashed in.

        • Its an interesting note for this draft that fucnktion was choosing between tri-shard humans and B/something. You can bet that when this happens to you, the guy you are passing to is going to be holding all the stuff you almost drafted. Looking at these packs I think there is a strong case for going humans or blood, but once you’ve taken the top human card in each pack, it seems like it would be really clear to the next player that they should be in Blood. Wish I was smart enough to think of any of these things while drafting.

  11. P1: Striker, although I like Town Crier and Bastion. Moving into Humans wouldn’t be the worst, since you’d only be passing one Human, but I’ve found that I often get cut off the deck and lack either the fixing or the power cards (sometimes both) to make it worth it, and don’t really like first picking any Humans that aren’t at the level of something like Cutblood or the rares. We will likely table Missionary, which is a fine reserves card to have, or Bonecracker if we end up aggressive.
    P2: Killblade. Enforcer is clearly the best card, but we’ve already decided we don’t want to be Humans by passing the Town Crier. Spam Bot is a fine consideration, and Overdriver wouldn’t be the worst thing if we wanted to move into Robots, but I prefer staying on-color and cutting Blood VS taking those medium cards.
    P3: Ritualist. This is one of those packs that’s sure to push multiple people into Humans, with Pyromancer, Enforcer, Prophet, and Queensguard all being solid in that deck. For us, Ritualist is the clear pick, and we might table Punisher or the 2nd Missionary for reserves.
    P4: Ambusher. Blood looks open, and Ambusher is also the best card in the pack. The 2nd Ritualist would be fine if Ambusher wasn’t there. Notably, there’s no cards for the Humans players to take.
    P5: Crackling Sprout. Wild and Blood puts us with the potential for a decent Shin’hare deck, and passing up on Skullcaster is no huge deal. The Humans guys get their choice of Hex Geode or Immortal Tears to fix their Enforcer, which is kinda scary.
    P6: Darkspire Punisher. Since we might table the other, I feel like it has a little more potential payoff than Starwatcher, and also keeps us more open. The Humans people get Messenger and Mindcaller.
    P7: Blossoming Concubunny. Since we could easily end up in Bunoshi or Fuzzuko (rather than Zared), this seems like it has the most potential payoff. Brood Missionarys for days in this pack, apparently. The Humans cards have mostly dried up.
    P8: Mosquito. There’s our signal to move solidly into Bunoshi, it appears.

    HEX IGN for the giveaway: AuraWarrior.

  12. IGN Awrien

    1. Subtle Striker:
    Plenty of decks rely on champions in limited more than constructed. Champions like bunoshi, giles, fuzzuko, or zared can really turn the tide of the game. Also I think blood is just really solid in set 2
    2. Killblade:
    Following the blood path, and just an overall solid card in both early and late game.
    3. Tormented Ritualist:
    More blood, fantastic evasion
    4. Wakizashi Ambusher:
    More blood, removal is always solid
    5. Field Tactician:
    It was between this or crackling sprout. Sprout pushes into shin’hare territory which is fine considering three good shin’hare have already been picked up. Mostly I was just in the mood for a more tempo based deck with tactician.
    6. Darkspire punisher:
    Already set solidly into blood, this gets me thinking about running bunoshi. Also keeping an eye out the pack 3 punisher on the wheel.
    7. Strength of the Redwood:
    Nothing stands out in the pack, this is pretty much just the best card left.
    8. Giant Mosquito:
    Late mosquito increases my hope that the punisher will wheel. Taking it to try to enforce the bunoshi deck.

    At this point I have a solid base in blood, and will continue to keep an eye out for what shards are open to determine my secondary shard. Shin’hare is looking likely.

  13. First off, thanks for the article Funktion. I’m still new to this (started playing about 2 months ago) and while having a lot of fun with drafts I was looking for some tipps to get better at them. This seems really helpful!

    Now lets move on to my picks here.

    ign: Alterica

    1) Subtle Striker / as I mentioned I started just a little while ago, so currently besides doing drafts for more experience, I also do them because it’s a better way to enlarge my card collection. Pretty much raredraft here to be honest. Also, I once was struggeling against a pretty decent deck who used him so I’d like to try him out myself.

    2) Scheme / Hands down, same reason as above. Plus having two different shards this early could make the decision for other cards easier, tho I usually make my final decision for shards after like 4 – 5 cards.

    3) Elite Pyromancer / This one would be a tough choice because there a quite a few more cards worth considering, like Tormented Ritualist or Field Tactician. But, I still havent decided what shards to use and up until now to me it feels like boosting up your stats is always a good thing to do in drafts. And Human decks can be really dangerous. Even if I’m not gonna use him, atleast I got him out of the way.

    4) Wakizashi / Unlike number 3, I don’t have to think too much about it here. He’s definitely gonna be the one.

    5) Field Tactician / There we go. I now have the chance to pick her and guess what, gonna do it this time.

    6) Mindcaller / Do I need to explain here? He always seems to be a good choice in drafts and because I am going to take a few cards with higher cost later on he can be useful. I’ve already used him a few times and never regret it.

    7) Lethal Weapons / Alright so this might be the point where I give up my thoughts of using Ruby. Looking at the current cards I’d choose between Lethal Weapons and the Daisies, because there already have been Daisies in the pack before and I really don’t want someone to make THAT kind of deck. Going to pick the action anyway because I don’t have one yet and I don’t want to take the risk of having too little power. This could support my (at this point) relatively weak troops, making them more dangerous.

    8) Giant Mosquito / Speaking of “weak troops”… but, a flying troop with possible lethal? Yes please.

    In the upcoming packs I’m going to look for a bit more power and some more actions and/or constants.
    I’m open for feedback on this, and sorry about the grammar if it sounds weird. German player here. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  14. zlatantheking

    Pick 1: underground overdriver (this combo won me my first draft with robot combo)
    pick 2: spam bot
    pick 3: queensguard (seems really strong card might go red white blue)
    pick 4: Murmur of the void
    pick 5: Field tactician
    pick 6: Reactor Bot
    pick 7: Lethal Weapons
    pick 8: subterrean spy

  15. IGN: Loopholists
    Pick 1: Town Crier: I would probably actually pick Subtle Striker, as I don’t have a play set of them yet, and think they will be very useful in PvE, but I agree that Town Crier is the best card in this pack, so I will avoid rare drafting for these posts.
    Pick 2: Royal Enforcer: Sorry to copy off of you but it matches the color and theme of my first pick and none of the other picks are good enough for me to change that.
    Pick 3: Elite Pyromancer: Finally get to be different. I am not dedicated to tri-color enough yet for queen’s guard. Inspire troops produce enough threat and I rather start on 2 colors then jump right into 3
    Pick 4: Murmurs of the Void: slow enough that I will probably remove it later, but I don’t have any removal yet and don’t want to get stuck with none. None of the other red, white, or blue cards are ones might ever include in my deck
    Pick 5: Immortal Tears: I love this card. Preventing shard and color screw, an effective cost of 1, the 2 you pay doesn’t need paid at the same time, and you also get some deck thinning, yes please. I don’t understand why other people don’t love this card more.
    Pick 6: Phoenix Guard Messenger: I rather draw a card than get a discount of 1. If I draw a shard it effectively gives me the same benefit, and it works better as a late draw. I never trust my early draft draws to my good early cards.
    Pick 7: Strength of the Redwood: 1 cost kill card that counters fliers that I am probably going to get a lot of, lets hate draft it. I don’t feel the need to prevent someone from pulling demented daises because if they are going mill, we are playing very different decks anyways. Lethal Weapon has never really been amazing for me as it is mainly good on making sure you trade rather than actually keeping a troop alive, and is ruined by the first strike combat tricks that are semi-common in red.
    Pick 8: Subterranean Spy: I am tempted to grab Strength of the Redwood again to really screw the green player, and as I said before, I don’t trust myself to draw the Spy early, but a 3/2 body isn’t horrible late game, and knowing my opponent’s hand lets you take risks you normally wouldn’t

  16. IGN: ValueCity:
    1. Subtle Striker
    2. Scheeme
    3. Tormented Ritualist
    4. Wakazashi Ambusher
    5. Bucktooth Bannerbunny
    6. Darkspire Punisher
    7. Strength of the Redwood
    8. Strength of the Redwood

  17. IGN: Kensake
    1/Subtle Striker
    3/Tormented Ritualist
    4/Wakizahi Ambusher
    5/Crackling Sprout
    6/Darkspire Punisher
    7/Strengh of the Redwood
    8/Giant Mosquito

  18. Pick 1: I’m tempted by the Subtle Striker (I’m new, so I tend to rare-draft a lot to complete my collection), but it’s not worth all that much. I definitely wouldn’t mind first-picking it, but I’m biased towards humans. Town Crier is amazing, but I’d pick the Bastion just to keep my options open. I’m hoping Mindcaller or Shatter Shield wheels (I’ve seen Town Criers wheel before, but not in this pack I think).

    Pick 2: Again, tempted to rare-draft, but for the purpose of this exercise let’s ignore this. I wonder what common gets picked above Royal Enforcer (clear pick for me). I’m hoping Tears, Spam Bot or (most likely) Mindcaller wheels.

    Pick 3: This is a bit awkward. Passing Elite Pyromancer might send the wrong signal, but together with the Queensguard I pick here I already have 3 human bombs, so I can’t be too sad about that. This is a really good pack, so I hope Phoenix Guard Enforcer, Prophet of Wren, Field Tactician or Crackling Wit wheel.

    Pick 4: Even if I could pick the Wakizashi Ambusher, I will have passed a Subtle Striker, 2 Tormented Ritualists and a Killblade of the Milky Eye. I don’t see much blood coming around in pack two and I like the Murmurs of the Void quite a lot anyway.

    Pick 5: This is a tough call. I’d like the Field Technician, but I haven’t seen any Royal Heralds and I like my decks to be consistent. I’d pick Immortal Tears over Hex Geode, it’s slightly slower, but it helps hitting your shard drops and thins your deck. I kind of consider it like half a shard, if I get two tears and some other fixing I like going down to 16 shards.

    Pick 6: Pretty easy Phoenix Guard Messenger I think, but they tend to wheel and the Messengers don’t.

    Pick 7: Pretty bad pack. I think I’d pick the Blossoming Concubunny or the Strength of the Rerdwood as the most playable cards. I admit I wouldn’t think about cutting off Sapphire by picking Dementia Daisies, since I’ve very rarely seen a mill deck work.

    Pick 8: Subterranean Spy is the only card in my colours and a card that I’m happy to have even in human decks.

  19. IGN: Glauron
    1/ Subtle Striker
    2/ Killblade
    3/ Tormented Ritualist
    4/ Wakizashi Ambusher
    5/ Crackling Sprout
    6/ Darkspire Punisher
    7/ Lethal weapons
    8/ Necrophage Sensei

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