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Fully Equipped: Arcane Foresight

Everyone who plays in the Frost Ring Arena does so for their own reasons, and with their own goals in mind. Some people want to clear the whole run as quickly and efficiently as possible, some are looking for the elusive Uruunaz, some just want to test out cool ideas and combos… Sometimes it’s even a mixture of all of these things.

Personally I enjoy running a few different lists, experimenting and finding diverse options that allow me to fully utilize equipment and PvE cards. It’s exciting for me to see every equipment slot filled and having the synergy play out as I develop the board.

Let’s talk about one of those lists I’ve found, and what it does for you in PvE.

Before we get started though, a warning: This deck has a core PvE card and equipment that come from Primal/Legendary chests, and can’t be considered ‘cheap’ or ‘budget’. It’s not totally absurd, but most people would say it’s expensive for a non-competitive format deck. 

Arcane Foresight:

As you can probably foresee, the core of our deck is going to be the very powerful Angel of Foresight, and her two pieces of equipment.  The uncommon Wisdom’s Band, and the legendary Mim’s Staff. With both pieces, your Angel’s are four cost, double-Sapphire 3/3’s with flight that have the enter-play effect to add “When you play this, create an Angel of Foresight and put it into play” to four actions in your hand or deck… And also put an action from your deck into your hand when they deal damage to an opposing champion. WHEW. That’s a mouthful for one card on it’s own.

Every time an action you play creates another Angel of Foresight, it’s enter-play effect triggers, adding text to four actions in your deck again. It’s important to note that this text can be added to any action multiple times and that the effect stacks. You can have an action create two, three, ten, thirty angels—which then all add their effect to more actions… This kind of escalation is exactly the kind of win-condition that allows us to quickly overwhelm most opponents, and is incredibly fun to play out.

Sadly as powerful as Angel of Foresight is, she does cost four and has a double threshhold, which makes her a little difficult to get onto the board and rolling quickly in the arena. Additionally we can only run four, so sometimes we have to wait until our deck decides to give us one before we can play it… Thankfully however we have access to a slew of actions that can help us get our Angel onto the board as quickly and reliably as possible.

Notably:  Arcane Focus, Oakhenge Ceremony, and Chlorophyllia.


We immediately veer towards adding Wild to the deck because it gives us the most options for quickly getting an Angel into hand. Oakhenge Ceremony is a major player here, only costing one resource to play, and even if you miss finding an Angel with it chances are that you’ve found another troop to put into your hand, or in the very worst case you’ve skimmed some cards off the top of your deck getting you closer to the Angel you were seeking.

Originally, I passed over Chlorophyllia as an option. It didn’t feel like a great fit at two cost, and double wild threshhold is not going to be something we’re ever looking for. Later on while looking for a head-slot equipment item I realized that turning Chloro into a one cost action made it both a great ‘free’ play (Because it replaces the resource you use to play it with another) and also that it filters out a shard every time it’s played.

Arcane Focus is also a natural fit despite the fact that there’s no equipment to buff it’s already powerful effect. The reason we look at it over cards like Peek and Crackling Wit is almost purely based on the fact that it costs one resource to play as opposed to two. We want to be pumping actions out quickly! Too many two cost actions will only slog us down!

There’s two more must-adds, if we’re talking about playing an action heavy Sapphire deck, and they should come as no surprise. Mastery of Time, and Archmage Wrenlocke.

Mastery is included almost purely as a ‘win more’. Since our Angels will be finding actions out of our deck anyway, there’s a fair chance we’ll be able to spam out three to four turns in a row and close out any game once we’ve started swinging.

Wrenlocke is included for two reasons, the most obvious being his natural ability to allow you to draw a card every time an action is played.  The second is his uncommon piece of equipment ‘Gloves of the Archmage’. This allows Wrenlocke to pull an action out of your graveyard and put it into your hand when he comes into play. This allows you to re-use an Oakhenge if you’re still hunting your Angel, or it allows you to dig out a cheap action that already has the ‘Create an Angel of Foresight’ effect on it to double down. The only action we’re playing that you won’t be able to reuse and abuse is going to be Mastery of Time, which sadly voids itself on play.

So now we have a STRONG core PvE Deck:

4x Oakhenge Ceremony
4x Arcane Focus
4x Chlorophyllia
4x Mastery of Time

4x Angel of Foresight
4x Archmage Wrenlocke

24x Shards

That’s 48 out of 60 cards already covered, and leaves us 12 spaces to work with to address any weaknesses. The most glaring weakness we display is our inability to deal with aggro currently, and a secondary weakness is a lack of targets when we play Oakhenge Ceremony.  Our natural conclusion here is to add a few cheap troops to the deck.

  • I’ve seen a few people playing the cheap Cerulean Sky Mage in these kind of decks, and while I have tried him and think he’s not the worst fit into the deck, I have also found that it’s very rare that I’m able to use his ability to create a random sapphire action and put it into my hand, even when I’m running the equipment that makes that ability cost two, and not four.
  • Phoenix Guard Messenger gives us a similar 1/1 with flight body for two resources, and if we defensively throw the poor troop in front of an attacking body we get to draw a card!  If you were missing the gloves for the Archmage you could even throw on some Hawking Gloves to make your Messengers cost one resource instead.
  • Thunderfield Seer could also take up a slot, adding a little utility to whatever actions we draw, but then we’d have to be careful when we use our Oakhenge Ceremonies, or we’d end up tossing the prophesied action into our deck randomly.
  • Stargazer is another coyotle who could eat up a low cost slot and his ability would allow us to filter through our deck… Definitely tempting.
  • Genesis Pool Naiad is a stand out two drop for us. Allowing us to hit multiple shard drops in a single turn is high utility in a deck that wants to be at four resources as soon as possible and will likely be drawing a lot of extra cards. Late game this can also mean that we’re able to play a few extra actions on our turns, which can add to our angellic onslaught.
  • Dreamsmoke Mystic gives us a hardy body at 3/3, for only three resources. It also gives us a chance to check the top card of our deck and in the case where we have extra resources to spend we can toss any unwanted topdeck cards to the bottom of the deck.

After going over the pros and cons of each of those options we can toss 8 more cards into the deck and be close to our ‘final’ build.

4x Oakhenge Ceremony
4x Arcane Focus
4x Chlorophyllia
4x Mastery of Time

4x Cerulean Sky Mage or Phoenix Guard Messenger
4x Genesis Pool Naiad
4x Angel of Foresight
4x Archmage Wrenlocke

12x Sapphire Shards
8x Wild Shards
4x Shard of Insight

Okay, so. That’s the ‘list’. Those are the staples I feel fit into the deck. There’s still four more slots to fill in, and if you FORCED me to answer, I’d say you should add two Dreamsmoke Mystic, and two Stormcall. I’d then tell you that you’d want to tune the list to fit what YOU want out of Arena. I personally wanted to run a fully equipped deck, so my original list included Zodiac Divination at the expense of a Wrenlocke and a Mastery of Time. Altogether Zodiac Divination is far from being a ‘bad’ card in the list, and is hilariously powerful with the Shoes of Divine Foresight (Which are kind of thematic with the deck, really)… Really though, I feel like the rest of this deck-build is entirely up to the person building it, not everyone wants four of a unique troop so maybe they’ll want to cut a Wrenlocke in exchange for a Dreamsmoke, or maybe a few Crackling Wit will make someone feel a bit better about their early turns… It’s entirely subjective, it’s hard to add ‘bad’ actions or troops to the deck at this point, since your main goal is to accelerate into the Angel of Foresight and this core does that VERY well.

As far as Champions go, there are three strong choices. Wyatt the Sapper to draw extra cards, Winter Moon to recycle your actions and gain extra card draw (Beware the lack of synergy with Wrenlocke though!), and finally if you choose to add Crackling Wit, Daughter of Stars is hilariously good as well.

If you have the time and money to build this deck, I would enthusiastically tell you to give it a shot! It can be hilariously fun, and while it’s not as fast as certain orc-aggro decks it’s by no means ‘slow’.

Now, this article is called “Fully Equipped”, and I’d like to deliver on that. Until a few more cards or pieces of equipment help other cards wedge themselves into the deck, this is my list for those of you who WANT to use all six equipment slots.

3x Cerulean Sky Mage
3x Genesis Pool Naiad
2x Dreamsmoke Mystic
4x Angel of Foresight
3x Archmage Wrenlocke

4x Arcane Focus
4x Oakhenge Ceremony
4x Chlorophyllia
3x Crackling Wit
3x Mastery of Time
3x Zodiac Divination

12x Sapphire Shard
8x Wild Shard
4x Shard of Instinct

Equipment List:
Gardener’s Hat
Skyward Robes
Shoes of Divine Foresight
Wisdom’s Band
Gloves of the Archmage
Mim’s Staff

And finally, an example of how outrageous a board can be once you start chaining actions.


Thanks for reading,
Stay lucky!



Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

5 Comments on Fully Equipped: Arcane Foresight

  1. I wonder if you’ve tried out Dream Dance with its equip? The equip lets it put a card from your Graveyard on top of your deck. Which is kind of insane. I quickly threw together an infinite combo version just for fun; Wrenlocke (with both equips) and Syzygy in play, an Angel played at some point, and three Dream Dances lets you play those three Dream Dances an infinite number of times, spawning infinite Angels, and making Wrenlocke infinitely big. Assuming you have infinite time.

  2. Might want to consider replacing Crackling Wit with Replicator’s Gambit. Get’s you the same draw, while playing a replicated Angel borders on insane

  3. I threw something together for angel as well but with a different focus. Basically getting a angel out and hitting with it will draw you mastery of time that makes an angel and then you draw two mastery next turn and make more angels and then you win all in the same turn as far as the opponent is concerned.

    Winter Moon
    7x Wild Shard
    13x Sapphire Shard
    4x Shard of Instinct
    4x Stargazer
    4x Cerulean Mirror Knight
    4x Moon’airu Sensei
    4x Phoenix Guard Messenger(Hawking Gloves)
    3x Storm Cloud
    4x Buccaneer (Sworddancer’s Limp)
    1x Crash of Beasts
    4x Thunderfield Elder
    4x Angel of Foresight(Mim’s Staff)
    4x Mastery of Time

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