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Frostheart Spoilers

Here, we will collect all of the spoilers for the upcoming seventh set of Hex, Frostheart! New spoilers will be added as they are released. Click to view full-size.

Tooltips on each card will show the source of the spoiler. A link to the source is also in the full-size view. Email us if we’re missing any!

Frostheart releases on Thursday, June 29th!
Details at

Full spoiler available at!

Last update: Tuesday, June 27 @ 5 pm PDT
Frostheart cards spoiled: 172 (+16 reprints) of 315

Most Recent:

New Concepts:

One of the following keywords:
Crush, Flight, Lethal, Lifedrain, Rage: 1, Skyguard, Speed, Spellshield, Steadfast, Swiftstrike

Choose one: Seek Fortune–Put a random resource card from your deck on top of your deck, or Seek Adventure–Put a random non-resource card from your deck on top of your deck.

[threshold]: (X) -> Frostform”
Transform this troop into its “Brittle” version, then play this troop for X cost.
(“Brittle” versions of troops have 1 DEF, and are also an Elemental.)

“Gladiator X
On your turn, this troop has +X ATK. On your opponent’s turn, this troop has +X DEF.

“Illuminate X
Choose one: Summon X Candlekin, or your Candlekin in play get +X ATK/+X DEF.

If you played this action from your hand, transform it into a Rune and put it into play.
(Runes are constants with the trait “Rune”, that revert and play for free when a resource enters your hand. )










Frostheart Core Common

Call the Grave
Effigy of Nulzann
Horned Giraffe
Razor’s Edge


Shard of Ancients
Shard of Cunning
Shard of Conquest
Shard of Hatred
Shard of Innovation
Shard of Instinct
Shard of Life
Shard of Purpose
Shard of Retribution
Shard of Savagery



Champion Transforms



Created Cards

New Gems

Returning Gems

Blood Minor: Frenzy [Speed]
Blood Major: Sacrifice [Sacrifice troop for +3/+3]
Diamond Minor: Protection [+2 DEF]
Diamond Major: Fate [-2 cost when drawn]
Ruby Minor: Zeal [Swiftstrike]
Ruby Major: Twinstrike [Double damage]
Sapphire Minor: Wit [+1/+1 when action played]
Sapphire Major: Sorcery [create random action]
Wild Minor: Vigil [Skyguard, Steadfast]
Wild Major: Conjuration [create random troop]

Rotating Gems

Blood Minor: Intimidation [can’t be blocked by less ATK]
Blood Major: Underworld [Underworld +1/+1 Lethal when attacking]
Diamond Minor: Wind [Flight while attacking]
Diamond Major: Ardent [Ardent +1/+1 and ready when attacking]
Ruby Minor: Valor [create Valor]
Ruby Major: Impulse [draw card when attacking]
Sapphire Minor: Dread [1shot create Dreadlings]
Sapphire Major: Enfeeblement [-ATK when attacking]
Wild Minor: Brawn [+1 ATK, Crush]
Wild Minor: Cultivation [gain <1/1> when attacking]

Extended/Alternate Art:





Cards To Be Spoiled:

Day Rider
Jacked Hammerer

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