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Frost Ring Arena Unveiling (Liveblog)

FiveShards Managing Editor and Co-Founder. Relentless drafter and occasional panelist of the 2TurnsAhead podcast. Plays cards with Hex team "Rated-Hex".

32 Comments on Frost Ring Arena Unveiling (Liveblog)

  1. Awesome coverage! Thanks for this – was stuck at work for the whole stream!

  2. IGN: nickon

  3. IGN: Brewdinar

  4. Nice live blog. 🙂

    Btw, if you guys happen to have a full list of the Twitch users who won a raffle, let me know.

    • We never did take down a list, but if you watch the recording using the Chrome extension ReChat, you should be able to skim through and find them. It might be a little hectic with all the !raffle messages, but hopefully that helps. =)

  5. Thanks for the live blog GPrime. Was great for those of us at work. (IGN:Auryn)


    Thanks for this! Was fun to read.

  7. Fabriazp (@fabriazp) // February 4, 2015 at 2:56 pm // Reply

    IGN: fabriazp

  8. IGN: Kukulkan

  9. Ign: Life

    Thanks for this, really good, Esspecially for Aussies.

  10. IGN: Varadrim

    thanks for the blog an info!

  11. IGN: Light

    Awesome live blog, appreciate it while I’m stuck at work!

  12. IGN Baldo
    Appreciate the recap!

  13. IGN: Duzran

  14. Thanks for the recap, and glad you took the extra time to include lots of pictures, thanks!

    IGN: Torture

  15. IGN: Sukebe

    Thanks for this write up, it let me catch up with what I missed in the beginning 🙂

  16. IGN: Vermin
    Awesome write up, thanks!

  17. Thx for this amazing blog!

  18. Even though I watched the stream I really liked this(it’s good for review) so please do more in the future! (IGN: Lukezors)

  19. Thanks for all the info!
    Ign desk

  20. You really need to put +1 buttons, and Like buttons on your site by the way.

  21. Thanks for the coverage (IGN CoonAndFriends)

  22. IGN: Zebuli

  23. Thanks for the recap !
    IGN: Otago

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