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From the Deck: Hex in Virtual Reality

Hey there, DeckOfManyThings here and this month I have a video article, since I just got an HTC Vive and wanted to show you all what Hex looks like in Virtual Reality via Virtual Desktop. (Apologies in advance, there were two hard crashes of the software during the recording of the video, but I did my best to stitch things together).


Matt Miller, known as DeckOfManyThings in-game, is a professional MMO designer by day, and a Hex Kickstarter backer by night. He's been playing TCG's since being taught by Peter Adkinson how to play Magic: the Gathering with Alpha cards, and is now devoting a lion's share of his free time to playing and improving his skills at Hex. Find him at @ManyThingsDeck on twitter or /u/ManyThingsDeck on reddit.

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