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From the Deck: End of Turn

(Credit to Rated Hex teammate Saeijou for this topic)

One of the bigger “mysteries” of Hex is the priority and turn structure. It’s a hold-over from Magic: the Gathering that we even have a priority system to begin with, and unlike a paper card game where you can easily take back a move or two, Hex needs everyone to be absolutely sure they have nothing they want to do in any given phase.

The End of Turn is one of the phases that cause players the most problems. Certain cards have things that happen at EoT, and while it feels like a waste of time when you have nothing going on, when there is an EoT effect, this phase becomes one of the most important in the game. I’m going to highlight a couple cards and show how they interact with the End of Turn so that you won’t be caught unawares when you try them out, or better yet when they are played against you.

No Basics

At its simplest, End of Turn is a point in the game where the player whose turn it is can no longer play basic actions or play troops. If you have a Time Ripple and want to disrupt your opponent’s board with resources you are holding, wait until their End of Turn, or else they might just replay the troop you Rippled in one of their Main phases.

Reese, the Crustcrawler

Reese, the Crustcrawler makes a Worker Bot at the end of  your turn (or better yet, a random robot if Reese came into play from Tunneling). This happens immediately and with no chance to respond to it as a player. If you attempt to remove Reese, the ‘bot is still coming into play. If you want to deal with an opponent’s Reese, do it in their Second Main phase as they are passing priority into the End of Turn, but before you actually get to End of Turn. This will allow them to replay Reese from their hand if they have enough resources (doing anything at the end of your opponent’s Second Main resets their Second Main giving them a chance to perform basic actions and play troops).


Mistlord, actually his Shift ability, allows him to void himself and give himself the text of “at the end of the turn, if this is in your void, put this into play.” for that turn. Since we know “at the end of turn” stuff happens immediately and at the start of the EoT phase, Mistlord reappears immediately as soon as the End of Turn phase starts, before anyone has priority. Since this reappear from void ability only lasts for the turn you void him there is a very important order of operations here. If you EVER void Mistlord (or whatever troop his ability has shifted onto) in the End of Turn phase itself, you will have passed up the point where Misty pops back into play (the beginning of the EoT phase), and he loses the ability to pop back into play at then end of your turn. He’s gone forever. Sniff.

Master Theorycrafter

Seeing that the End of Turn effects only take effect at the beginning of the EoT phase, you can use Master Theorycrafter during the EoT phase for a gemmed War Bot that sticks around for your opponent’s entire turn.

Other Cards

Cards like Soul of Battle and Blaze Elemental have an EoT rider on their power to put a little balance into their powerful effects. If you can somehow avoid the End of Turn for these cards, you can use them over again! Soul of Battle on a Speed troop that doesn’t deal fatal damage with his swing, and you can Time Ripple it back into your hand in Second Main, and replay it on your next turn (still powered up from Soul of Battle)!

I hope this helps people understand the intricacies of the End of Turn in Hex. It’s a powerful phase that you should be aware of its drawbacks and advantages. If you know of any other neat “EoT” tricks be sure to put them in the comments, and if you happen to be going to the 100k Invitational in March, make sure you say hi to me. I’ll be there on behalf of FiveShards (and myself) covering the event.

Matt Miller, known as DeckOfManyThings in-game, is a professional MMO designer by day, and a Hex Kickstarter backer by night. He's been playing TCG's since being taught by Peter Adkinson how to play Magic: the Gathering with Alpha cards, and is now devoting a lion's share of his free time to playing and improving his skills at Hex. Find him at @ManyThingsDeck on twitter or /u/ManyThingsDeck on reddit.

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