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From the Deck: Chests!

Greetings everyone! I know many of you were JUST as excited as I was to finally be able to open their dozens/hundreds/thousands of chests that they’ve accumulated over the past year plus of playing Hex. Every draft you entered, every sealed event you participated in, and every pack you cracked “just for the heck of it” generated chests, which, up until now, you could only spin on the Wheel of Fate (which, if you read my previous article on the subject had the primary purpose of upgrading chests.)

Before we begin… what is IN chests? Before Armies of Myth we only had speculation. “Almost anything,” was what we were told during the Kickstarter. So we had ideas that chests could contain gold, cards, equipment, sleeves, … not all of which turned out to be true, but there was a lot of awesomeness contained within…

First off, there is a TON of new equipment. Almost every chest you open will have a piece of equipment. There are also AA cards that belong to cards within that chest’s set, as well as some new PVE Cards. Finally, Star Dust, used to unlock the Extended Art of your cards can be found in chests as well.

Now you’ll remember that chests come in five rarities: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Legendary (red), and Primal (gold). Primal chests can only be had by either getting a single or double upgrade on a Legendary chest or a double upgrade on a Rare chest. You will see why these chests are so expensive to spin in a moment.

A Common, Uncommon, and Rare chest only ever contains ONE item. If that item is equipment most common rarity of it is the rarity of the chest. So a common chest will give common equipment, with the occasional uncommon or rare equipment. Uncommon and higher chests have a chance of rolling the low end of the curve and giving you a less-than-the-chest level of item, but while disappointing, thankfully doesn’t happen that often.

Legendary chests contain TWO items, and Primal chests contain THREE. In this level of chests we have seen AA cards unavailable at lower tiers (or have a drop rate absurdly low that our data never collected any). And Primal chests are the ONLY places you can get the sleeves associated with that set. If you don’t have the set’s sleeves, you probably don’t want to open an unspun Legendary chest.

Ok, with that out of the way, lets take a look at the items, and where they come from:

(A quick note on percentages. These numbers are approximate based our our data collection across as large a sample size as we could gather in the time allotted. They may not be the exact percentages, but they are in the ballpark, or at the very least playing the same sport.)


Common chests have Common, Uncommon, and Rare equipment in a roughly 85/10/5% distribution. There is FAR too much equipment to list here, but when collecting data I was still finding new pieces of common equipment 140 common chest openings in! Uncommon chests Skew towards the rarity at around a 25/60/15% distribution (c/u/r), and Rare chests looks to have a distribution of 15/30/55%. Legendary chests have been known to kick out Uncommon equipment but most of the time it’s Rare or Legendary (20/35/45% for u/r/l). Primal chests are a great source for Legendary equipment, with a whopping 25/75% distribution rate for rare/legendary equipment.

Star Dust

Common chests will only ever contain Common or Uncommon Star Dust, which should keep their price deflated on the Auction House (easiest chest to spin + only two results means there will be a lot of it created by the game. Uncommon chests have a chance at generating Rare dust as well, and Rare chests can make uncommon, rare, and legendary Star Dust. If you want Promo Dust, however, you have to look in Legendary and Primal chests as these are the only two chests that have Promo Dust on their drop tables (of course, Primal chests are a lot more generous in this regard as well, with Promo dust being the only type of Star Dust created by that chest (nearly a quarter of all Primal chests we looked at generated a Promo dust).


A few PVP cards got an Alternate Art version in each set’s chests. These seem to occur with about the same frequency as getting Star Dust. In Shards of Fate, Hex Engine, Rot Caster, Savage Raider, and Wall of Corpses got AA treatments and can be found in Common, Uncommon, and Rare chests. Meanwhile Crash of Beasts and Mastery of Time get AAs in Legendary and Primal chests. For Shattered Destiny, the C/U/R AAs are Royal Valkyr, Psychotic Anarchist, and Paladin of the Necropolis, and the L/P AAs are Arborean Rootfather and Darkspire Tyrant. This clear division of AAs will likely drive up the price of them on the Auction House (and the price of Legendary and higher chests as well). For Armies of Myth the AAs are Sylvan Performer, Blessing of the Unicorns, and Grim Harvester for the common/uncommon/rare and Brood Baron, Charge Colossus and Noxious Glory for the legendary and primal chests. Oddly, three rares have been reported in Legendary/Primal chests unlike the Set 1 and 2 chests which only had 2 rares/legendaries. (Rot Cast has been reported in an opening reward. This might be a bug, or simply an oddity in the drop tables for Armies of Myth.)

Some new PVE cards were added in as well. Each set got 6 new PVE cards of Rare quality or higher. Shards of Fate got Alchemy Lab, Radiant Salvation, Scourgecrag Witch, Volley, Horrific Poltergeist, and Cerulean Sky Mage. Shattered Destiny got Vengeance of the Ancient Kings, Optimatron, Angel of Foresight, Soul Devour, Wildwood Beastcall, and Rain of Meteors. Finally, Armies of Myth got Ashwood Smiter, Graveblade Skirmisher, Defiler of the Fallen, Arcane Dreamcatcher, Optimatron, and Warp Stone. The Legendary PVE cards (like Cerulean Sky Mage, Optimatron, and Warp Stone) are only found in Legendary and higher chests, yet another clear division on the chest contents.

For the above three items, in Common, Uncommon, and Rare chests, it looks like 90% of the chests will contain equipment, 5% will contain Star Dust, and 5% will contain a card, with each category having their own distribution table depending on the rarity of the chest. With Legendary and Primal chests giving multiples, the percentages may hold true (90/5/5) but the addition of Mercenaries and Sleeves to the chances make accurately predicting chances a lot harder.


Only found in Legendary and Primal chests (that divide again!), each set added 3 mercenaries to the pool of a feature we have no clue when we’ll be able to use. Shards of Fate got Count Davian, Spirit of the Triumverate, and The Transcended. Set 2 got Lilyth, Rifkin Bonespike, and The Dingler King as mercs. And Armies of Myth got Gordon Boomcussion, Feste, and Lillyth. Each of these mercs seems to appear with the same frequency, and you can have more than 1 of each if you happen to get them. It looks like there’s a 20% chance of a Merc in a Legendary chest and a 30% chance of getting a merc in a Primal chest.


Sleeves seem to ONLY appear in Primal chests. If they happen in Legendary chests, our data never found it. Fortunately, if you get a sleeve you’ll never get it again (as they are not tradeable), and you should still receive three items from the Primal chest (I believe the game may just give you an equipment roll instead of a sleeve you already have). The sleeves are of the Mercs for that set, so Count Davian (who uses the Vampire King art) is commonly referred to as the “Vampire King sleeves”. And it IS possible to roll multiple sleeves in a single Primal chest opening.

Now since sleeves are the only “bound” item in chests (everything else can be traded), players who have all three sleeves may want to trade and/or sell their Primal chests to players who want to get the sleeves on their account as well.

Booster Packs

Ever want to start the cycle of pack opening all over? Well, in Legendary, and likely Primal, chests there is a very small chance (around 1 to 2%) you could get an entirely new Booster Pack (which of course has its own chest in it).

Other Stuff

Nope, that’s it. There are no other possible items in chests. Personally I was hoping for gold to be in chests because a) it’s logical that a chest contain gold, and b) it would help me spin higher level chests I can’t afford or buy Star Dust to extend my card art. I really hope that Hex Entertainment doesn’t go back and add a reward to previously released Chests at this point. This would cause everyone who ever cracked open a chest to instantly regret it, as they may not have any more of that set’s chests to open (nor want to crack packs of that set to get more chests).

I hope that this was informative, as it contains almost a week’s worth of chest cracking from many members of the FiveShards staff and their collected results. If you have any comments or analysis of your own (or corrections! I freely admit that gathering this data has been harder than anticipated and there may be some mistakes), feel free to add them in the comments!


Matt Miller, known as DeckOfManyThings in-game, is a professional MMO designer by day, and a Hex Kickstarter backer by night. He's been playing TCG's since being taught by Peter Adkinson how to play Magic: the Gathering with Alpha cards, and is now devoting a lion's share of his free time to playing and improving his skills at Hex. Find him at @ManyThingsDeck on twitter or /u/ManyThingsDeck on reddit.

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  1. Noxious glory either isn’t or was for some point of time not legend/primal only i have seen it in both commons and rare chest.

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