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FiveShards Gen Con Contest Details

As TCG fans, we all love collecting. That’s why FiveShards is commemorating its first convention season with a set of collectible buttons designed after site contributors and friends. But what would a celebration be without a contest?

All the FiveShards members attending GenCon will be carrying a subset of these buttons as they roam the convention halls and play Hex in the LAN area. Find a member wearing the four buttons they’ll be distributing and you’ll get four random buttons picked from their bag. Collect and trade to get a set of all fifteen buttons then post a tweet at @FiveShards tagged #5ShardsSwag proving that you’ve completed your collection, and you’ll be entered to win one of these cool prizes:

  • 1x Alternate Art Cerulean Mirror Knight
  • 1x Alternate Art Duplicitous Duke
  • 1x 30 Armies of Myth booster packs
  • 4x 20 Armies of Myth booster packs
  • 1x Shards of Fate primal pack
  • 1x Shattered Destiny primal pack
  • 1x Armies of Myth primal pack
  • 3x $10 FiveShards Store vouchers

And of course, we’re not forgetting our readers at home who can’t attend. During GenCon weekend from Thursday, July 30th at 00:01 PDT to Sunday, August 2nd at 23:59 PDT, do any of the following:

  • Comment on a FiveShards article
  • Tweet #5ShardsSwag to @FiveShards
  • Retweet any FiveShards contributor with #5ShardsSwag

All valid entries will be collected and from them four winners will be drawn to receive Cloud King Sleeve Codes!

The drawings for both contests will be made from all valid entries on Saturday, August 8th at 00:01 PDT (Edit: Our friend Cirouss is taking a few sets of buttons with him to Gamescom on Sunday, August 9th, so the drawing will instead take place the following Wednesday to give Gamescom attendees a chance to win) and winners will be announced then on and Twitter. Each person is only eligible to win once, and will be notified if drawn in both contests so they can choose which prize to take and which to return to the pool for another winner.

Happy Gen Con!

FiveShards Managing Editor and Co-Founder. Relentless drafter and occasional panelist of the 2TurnsAhead podcast. Plays cards with Hex team "Rated-Hex".

3 Comments on FiveShards Gen Con Contest Details

  1. For the “readers at home” part of the contest, is it one entry per person, or will doing all three of those things listed (comment/tweet/retweet) get you multiple entries?

  2. Each counts as an entry! So yes, you can enter three times. However, you can only win once.

  3. Awesome prizes!

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