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FiveShards Fate Cup, Top 8, full decklists, and meta breakdown

The Cup of Fate, Season 3 is now in the books. Normally, we post the decklists in full on the website, but thanks to some scrounging and correcting people’s spelling, Veetor has exported the data to hexmeta. Our top 8 from yesterday, that is, the decks that are sure to define the meta to come, are:

  1. Enyma’s Uzzucannon
  2. Reeplay’s BW Kagulichu
  3. Xantosch’s DW Fuzzuko
  4. Biz’s BW 150-card Jankbot
  5. Mars’ Mono-wild Fuzzuko
  6. iamhero’s SW Uzzu
  7. Piecetinker’s BS Azure-spider
  8. Wyant’s Mono-D

Note: Mars and iamhero are tied for 5th and Piecetinker and Wyant are tied for 7th.

You can find the full list here. Of note, due to the format of double elimination, some players have more wins than others, but a lower ranking. In double elimination, if you lose an early match, you are required to win more subsequent matches to go further in the tournament. You can view the final standings and the larger bracket on battlefy here.

Our top champions for the event:

Uzzu the Bonewalker10
Morgan McBombus5
Winter Moon4
Rutherford Banks4
Knightsbane Ovo4
Zorzym of Korru3
Warmaster Fuzzuko3
Boris Blastforge3
Wyatt the Sapper2
Nin the Shadow2
Yotul Mogak1
Palamedes, The Righteous1
Mightsinger Alyndra1
Dreaming Fox1
Bunoshi the Ruthless1
Grand Total62

And, the top 24 cards in decks this tournament (each point means one deck used at least one copy of the card):

Card NameMain Deck
Rune Ear Hierophant21
Howling Brave21
Arcane Focus20
Shard of Instinct17
Shard Prism14
Azurefate Sorceress13
Time Ripple12
Arborean Rootfather12
Eternal Sage12
Wrathwood Master Moss11
Vampire Princess10
Greenpaw Emancipator10
High Infinitrix10
Exarch of the Egg9
Vampire King9
Cottontail Explorer9
Phenteo the Brood Priest9

The top 20 reserves cards show what kind of decks people anticipated:

Gale Force28
Succulent Cluckodon20
Wind of Change12
Verdict of the Ancient Kings11
Closed Coffins10
Rot Cast10
Vampiric Kiss9
Heat Wave9
Crimson Bolt9
Polymorph: Dingler8
Vampire Princess6
Crackling Bolt6
Scorn of Oberon6
Emberspire Witch6

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

3 Comments on FiveShards Fate Cup, Top 8, full decklists, and meta breakdown

  1. Reeplay’s BW Kagulichu deck shows 4 Vampire King in the maindeck, and three in the Reserves. Something tells me that one of those are Vampire Princess instead.

  2. mars played mono wild not r/s

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