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FiveShards Fate Cup, season 5

Welcome to the announcement for the final cup in Season 5 of the Shard Cup Tournament Series. We at FiveShards, and our many sponsors throughout the last several months, want to congratulate those that make the final 64 after a very long season. Our final tournament is partially sponsored and provided for by Germans Unleashed, Hacky, and an anonymous donor this season! We look forward to the start of round 1 at 9:00am PDT/6pm CEST on August 19th, 2017.

This post has quite a bit of information, so all competitors should read through it thoroughly, and make sure they understand all the rules and the regulations.


Over 900 packs!

1st: 200 Set 7 Packs, 48 Set 5 packs
2nd: 100 Set 7 Packs, 26 Set 5 Packs
3rd-4th: 51 Set 7 Packs, 14 Set 5 packs
5th-8th: 28 Set 7 Packs, 6 Set 5 packs
9th-16th: 16 Set 7 Packs, 3 Set 5 packs
17th-32nd: 8 Set 7 Packs, 1 Set 5 packs

If we get any more packs in, we will add them to the pool. Please give a thanks to Hacky, Germans Unleashed, an anonymous donor, and Hex Entertainment for this possible.

Door Prizes

Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 7 Primal Pack
Set 5 Primal Pack

Door prizes will be randomly drawn after round 2. Players that participated in both round 1 and 2 are eligible.

Tournament Format

The tournament format is double-elimination standard constructed. We’ll seed the double-elimination bracket by points earned during season 5 of the Shard Cup Tournament Series. The higher seed (as set at the beginning of the tournament) has the option to either draw or play in the first game of each match.

The next steps

Step 1:

For the next 72 hours, people should go through and verify the points of the Shard Cups and notify me of any errors. You can find the list of 64 here and the full points calculation here. We will consider the results final at 11:59pm PT July 12th, Wednesday night. At that time, the points and seeds will not change even if you find that you are missing points. Individuals within the top 64 of the tournament should also register for the tournament if they expect to attend. If you do not plan on playing in the tournament, please email us stating that you will not attend. If we do not hear from a player at all by July 21st, we will automatically drop you from the tournament.

Step 2:

From now until July 21st (11:59 PM PT), any player that voluntarily drops from the tournament will receive a Herofall booster. This is to encourage people those who cannot make it to contact us immediately at fiveshards@gmail.comIf you can attend, please register on Battlefy.

Every time someone drops, the brackets will shift upward to replace that person. Players ranked lower than the top 64 will fill in the 64th place spot in order. We will notify new players in game and those players will either have 48 hours to respond by signing up in Battlefy, or until July 21st, whichever comes later. A player failing to confirm their invitation will lose the opportunity and we will move on to the next player.

Step 3:

After July 28th, the bracket becomes finalized. Anyone dropping will have their seed assumed by the highest ranked player currently not in the tournament. If the 33rd seed drops and the 67th player is next in line to join the tournament, the 67th seed player will become the 33rd seed player. We would prefer for drops not to happen after July 28th to offer some level of stability; however, we understand that things can come up.  If we do not hear from a player at all by July 28th, we will automatically drop you from the tournament.

We will notify newly added players via the in-game client and those players will have 48 hours to respond by registering on Battlefy or we will move onto the next seed. We will shorten this window further as the tournament approaches.

1. We will stream the tournament from We will cast all pairings, coverage, and rulings on this channel. Players should have it open/accessible to hear updated news. If you are casting the game, we highly recommend you use a card blocker. We will be using the replay feature throughout the tournament to cast matches.

2. Reserves and Decklists:

A. We allow a 15-card reserve. Consequently, we require decklists of all participants. Decklists must include the Champion, 60+ card main deck, 0 or 15 card reserve (must be exactly zero or fifteen), and any gems used in the initial deck configuration. All participants must submit their decklists to us using this form (link) by 8:00am PDT (1 hour before the tournament starts) on the morning of the tournament, August 19th. Do not post screenshots. Your submission must be in text. We will post the full set of decklists after the final round completes and also highlight the top 8 decklists. Alternatively, you can give us a link to your public decklist on you

Template for Decklist


1x Card1
1x Card2
1x Card3
1x Card4 (Prime Ruby of Destruction)
So forth

1x More cards
1x More cards

Penalties for deck violations are here. Read this article on why maintaining a proper decklist for tournament entry is important.

3. Matches: Matches will occur in the best 2 of 3 games through the client. You can either initiate the match by right clicking a whisper from the player and selecting challenge or challenging them from your friends list. Each match is determined by the player that wins two games out of three. The match ends when one player wins two games.

The player with the higher seed going into the match will receive the choice to play or draw in the first game. Players should discuss the higher seed’s choice so the winner of the client-based coin flip can pick the correct option to honor the top seed’s selection. In subsequent games, the loser of the previous game will determine if they play or draw in-game. Once the tournament begins, any bugs will be treated as is and we will not be restarting matches except if a player can prove the game state has stalled and restarting the client does not resolve. Additionally, if a player does not get back to their game within the 5-minute window they have to reconnect, the game will award them a loss and we will not restart the match.

4. Reserves: The client handles this. If you used the wrong deck for reserves, we will not restart a match. Starting the match with the proper deck contents is the player’s responsibility, even if your reserves are empty.

5. Bugged Game Policy: Once the tournament begins, any bugs will be treated as is and we will not be restarting matches except if a player can prove the game state has stalled and restarting the client does not resolve. Additionally, if a player does not get back to their game within the 5-minute window they have to reconnect, the game will award them a loss and we will not restart a match. However, if it is clear that a player is using a bugged interaction in an exploitative manner to win matches, we will disqualify that player and they will be banned from future FiveShards tournaments.

6. Verification of Game Issues: We encourage players to keep documentation of their games whenever possible. If a dispute emerges, or if there is a conflict in reporting the results, then we will rely upon what evidence we can to ascertain the nature of an issue and the appropriate penalty. The best way to do this is to stream your matches or record the matches locally. Screenshots can also help, but are harder to use effectively in resolving match recording disputes.

7. Judges and Rules: The administrators of the tournament are also the judges for the event. For the Fate Cup, the head judge is Zubrin and we will have a few judges on hand that provide you with a first point of contact. Violations, procedures, and penalties are here.

8. Deck Checks: If a player suspects that an opponent is playing with cards that are not in their original configuration for game one, or if they are playing with cards that are not in their decklist or reserves, the player can immediately ask for a deck check. A tournament judge will then cross-check the suspected cards with the submitted decklist. If the player is found in violation, they automatically lose the game. Players may request two deck checks throughout the tournament and checks resulting in penalties will not count against the player’s total number of checks. Violations, procedures, and penalties are here.

9. Feature Match Policy: If you are playing in the Fate Cup and are streaming, we take that as consent that you are willing to allow us to use your stream as a feature match on the main channel ( If, however, you would not like us to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will not host your stream. If you would like, you can use our official card blocker here:


10. Infractions and Penalties: Players are responsible for knowing all violations in this document and are subject to it during the tournament.

Banned and Restricted List

Since the client can play best of three matches, we will treat card interactions “as is” and play through what bugs may exist.

Titania’s Majesty – To follow HexEnt’s lead in banning the card from PVP tournaments, we are banning it for this tournament.


We treat all bugs “as is” in the client and expect players to follow bug reports on the forums to learn of any problematic cards.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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