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FiveShards December Round Table

Most exciting news in Hex this week? FiveShards Blood Cup being run in client, 17 card booster packs, or non-20 champion starting health?

DeckOfManyThings: I think the most exciting news is community tournaments able to be run in-client. This is huge for them as it streamlines a lot of the process that was confusing to players wanting to try a community tournament for the first time (using a third-party website).

The most impactful news, however, is the non-20 Champion starting health. This is going to shake up the game like no other change has done before. I am really glad that they now have a way to balance PVP that doesn’t involve them changing PVP cards (which is a thing they promised during the Kickstarter they would never do, and now they can stick to that).

JadiimJedi: Non-20 champion starting health. Booster packs will improve your limited pools, but you still only play 40 cards. Starting with a large health total advantage can be play/draw advantage in that it represents additional cards or attack steps that you need to kill the opponent.

Mokog: Champion health changes is the most exciting. The ramifications on constructed and future sets is highly exciting.

Kroan: Non-20 champion starting health. It’s breaking up the whole meta again, which is huge deal since Set 4 is not on the horizon yet.

GPrime: Non-standard starting health for each of the Legends is certainly the biggest change to the game. An extra common and uncommon in each booster pack makes a pretty big difference in Limited but that’s about all. Health adjustments, on the other hand, might encourage people to use champions they normally wouldn’t consider and re-kindle constructed deck ideas that weren’t quite there before the change. Plus, it allows HexE to combat out-of-hand strategies while keeping their promise that they wouldn’t change cards.

Hacky: Non-20 Champion Health. Shakes up all aspects of PvP Hex, including the awesome in-client Blood Cup about to occur (which is a close second).

Zubrin: I’m biased, but the Blood Cup in-client is going to make it the largest community run tournament ever. Additionally, this will be the first chance we have to see how those new champion health totals alter the meta with our expert crew casting the tournament.

Pentachills: Blood Cup being run in-client!
Past halfway with the 100k Invitational Qualifiers, what has been your experience with the tournament so far?

Pentachills: Miserable!

KingGabriel: I’ve been ill and/or busy for quite a few, but I was happy to hit the top 8 of the last IQ with my ruby rush deck using 4x of card that is usually regarded as one of if not the worst cards. See my latest article for more. 😉

JadiimJedi: I have enjoyed playing in them and got close to qualifying a couple times. I plan on playing in all of the events. Unfortunately I overslept my alarm for last weekend’s event so I will have to try again this weekend instead.

GPrime: It’s a tough grind. There’s a number of very good players out there now and there’s a good chance they’ve earned their place if they can collect 10 IQ tickets each week. Unfortunately, getting 10 tickets is becoming harder as many players already have enough tickets to play in each event and participation is falling off a little.

Hacky: Choosing sleep over an 11am-7am tournament feels nice, also need more late night tournaments to fire for enough IQ tickets. Tournaments themselves have been fun to compete in.

Zubrin: Going 1-2 and dropping. I have some solid pools, but my performance has been less than stellar. I will be missing the next couple as well, so I am looking to come back like a phoenix late in the season.

DeckOfManyThings: A complete non-event for me. I wanted to play in constructed events to get my tickets, but by the time I had free time to play, they never fired any more. I am actually a little sad at how quickly the shiny has worn off on the 100k tournament for what seems like the majority of the players. It seems the only way you can reliably get tickets for the qualifiers is Scheduled Sealed events. If that’s the case I am not sure if making the tournament finals be majority focused on constructed play is such a good idea.
If you were to go on a long road trip, what character from Hex would you want to roll with?

JadiimJedi: Periwinkle—would double the fun we have and create some great stories along the way.

DeckOfManyThings: Princess Victoria. I am sure she’s got all sorts of juicy court intrigue and rumors to keep the drive exciting.

KingGabriel: Boris Blastforge (Flight granting jet-pack using dwarf champion.) Quite the upgrade to our transport. Always wanted to view the alps by jet-pack.

Kroan: Probably Lord Bernard P. Dunthorpe and his companion Sir Silas Bexley. I bet they have the wildest stories to tell. 🙂

Mokog: Ozawa. He is a storyteller and should be awesome entertainment on a long road trip. Plus he likely has the best advice for calming road rage while on that long trip!

Hacky: Not-Alternate-Art Storm Cloud. No one likes a grumpy passenger.

GPrime: Feather Drifting. No better way to drive than in the air, in a straight line. Traffic? Bad roads? Speed traps? No problem.

Zubrin: Balthasar. Nothing like having a Bard while you are on a road trip for a bit of inspiration. That or Syyn, because Synn is a dragon that flies between worlds. That should cut down on the travel time. And Synn’s a dragon. A dragon that flies between worlds.

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