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Exploring Herofall: Kismet’s Curio

Hello everyone! Herofall is finally upon us, and after the first week of exploring the meta with the Cosmic Crown Showdown and the Sapphire Cup, a few standout cards have made themselves relatively known to people.

Today, we’re not going to talk about any of those cards! We’re going to have a quick discussion about the applications of a little bit of a ‘sleeper’ rare.


Kismet’s Curio is an interesting card, providing you with most of what a basic shard does. A permanent resource, a resource for the turn, and a charge. Finally though, it puts a Kismet’s Whim into your hand. This is where the card really starts to pull it’s weight for you

Kismet’s Whim is a simple one cost shardless action that transforms target card you control into another Troop, Artifact, or Constant with the same cost. This is where most people stop reading the card and immediately dismiss it as a gimmicky resource that falls in line with the rest of the Kismet line of cards. (Kismet’s Reverie and Coins of Kismet are not well known for their constructed applications, even if Reverie has made a bit of a splash in constant based burn decks.)

Quickly, let’s take a look at a few quick scenarios where this kind of card can help us out. First and foremost; there are plenty of troops that you play onto the field NOT because they’re big beefy bodies that are going to win you the game, or because they’re integral combo pieces tied to your victory condition. There’s a few troops you play because they have a potent enter play effect or provide you a more safe board position. Two that come to mind immediately are Balthasar and Menacing Gralk.  Both of these troops have relatively strong effects that trigger the moment you play them, but shortly afterwards you’re left with a mediocre troop for the cost you’ve paid.  Thankfully, at Six and Five resource cost effectively, you can throw a Whim out onto either of these troops and USUALLY come out ahead.  Sometimes, you can even come out WAY ahead if the dice rolls in your favor. Earlier this week, I had a Balthasar turn into an Ash Harpy the turn I played it, which allowed me to swing in for 4 damage, as well as draw the cards and gain the health I already had!

A second scenario that comes to mind is a little bit of an edge case, but when you’re up against a Blood deck that you know is going to be running out Herofall, sometimes it can be in your best interest to turn your vital two or three drop into something else. This is especially important if you’re holding onto a second or even third copy of the card in your hand.  Obviously, it can be a bit difficult to turn your bomb three drop into something less exciting, but if it means protecting your hand and deck, it might be worth it in the long run.

The third scenario is a little more tricky. If we go back and look at Kismet’s Whim once more you’ll notice that it can transform target CARD into an equally costed troop, artifact, or constant. This means we can be a little safer during our deck building if it means including multiple redundant artifacts or constants. Afraid that your two Drowned Shrine of Ulthar might overlap and become useless?  That’s fine, turn one of them into something else! Second Xentoth’s Malice not providing you any additional benefit? That’s fine; just whim it away! This is also true of unique troops in certain circumstances. Don’t wanna lay out your second Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate because it’ll destroy the one already on the board, but you still wanna get those sweet, sweet prophecy triggers into your deck? Whim, whim, WHIM!

There are a few more edge cases where you could consider a Whim useful. Do you have a Howling Brave out but already have 10+ resources? That ramp isn’t useful to you any more, and quite frankly there are some ABSURD one cost things that you could luck in to. Tunneled out a Subterranean Spy to check on your opponents hand? Well guess what, a 3/2 for five is well under the average value of a Whimmed hit, and a tunneled troop GAINS speed when it surfaces, so if you hit a troop with your Whim it will STILL have the speed! High Infinitrix has shifted off her powers and you’re not holding another Necrotic to revert her? Turn her into another four drop! Someone has increased the cost of one of your troops using an action? Well, a higher cost troop should transform nicely into a higher value card!

The list actually goes on. I could talk about gained buffs transferring along, or more really edge cases where you simply have no other choice but to try and transform your own card… But you can figure those out as long as you’re willing to trust in Kismet from time to time.

All this said and done though, let’s talk about the obvious drawback to including a Kismet’s Curio in your deck. It does NOT give you a threshold of any kind, making it an incredibly weak drop early on in a game, especially if you’re starting hand includes the new Well resources.  At the end of the day, I’d have a hard time justifying the inclusion of Curio as any more than a one or two-of in any sort of deck, and you’d have to evaluate if other non-standard resources like Starsphere or Crackling Vortex made more sense for your deck.

Give it a shot, and let me know how it goes!

Before I go, leave me an idea down in the comments for which card to discuss next, and leave me your IGN! I’ll be throwing a few Herofall booster packs at the best suggestions.

Thanks for reading, Stay Lucky!


Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

6 Comments on Exploring Herofall: Kismet’s Curio

  1. Interesting article, I like the approach of taking a card that is highly situational and looking at how best it can be used. In that vein, I would be interested in an article about Horrors of War and how to take advantage of its symmetrical effects.

    IGN: Audens

  2. turn dreadlings into powerful cards good value

  3. Thanks Pentachills! Some good thoughts I overlooked when I thought about this ressource, helps finding some good use to it when you have dead cards waiting in your hand.

    I’d like to see what you come up with Horrors of War too (or Dormant One to choose something different than Audens ^^).

    IGN: ShadowRealm

  4. Very interesting article! I will definitely give the card a try 😃

  5. Thanks for the article.

    Might be interesting to test this out in a Kaliban W/R deck that plays Emberleaf Evoker. Evoker could be either turned into a 9 cost with power or into a better 7 cost with Curio.

    IGN: Raklets

  6. Great article, Penta. It definitely makes me want to give this card a try.

    For a future article, what about coming up with a deck, combos, or ideas that take advantage of That Which Does Not Exist? Not sure if it’s possible, but just a thought.

    Outside of that, I’d be interested to see some cool ideas that really abuse Mylaanth The Lifebinder’s power.

    IGN: pjvedder

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