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Elemental Storms! The Gen Con PvE Deck!

Howdy Hexers!

Today we take a look at puffy white clouds above Entrath and wonder, is that thing really smiling at me?


Thanks for watching everyone! Below we have the written deck list. The average value of this build using median averages is currently 12,966 platinum. If you use the AA Storm Clouds add another 4,800 plat to that amount—hopefully you were lucky to get enough pieces on your own. As mentioned in the video this build is pricey but it is also fun to play! When dungeons hit I can’t wait to roll over Entrath and rain the fury of the elements down upon the unsuspecting races!

Elemental Storms!

Champion: Tetzot, Son of Omoc

Troops (20)

4x Lightning Elemental
4x Cloud Queen
4x Cloud King
4x Storm Cloud
2x Sandstone Rumbler (Major Ruby of Destruction)
2x Water Elemental

Actions  (12)

2x Heat Wave
4x Crackling Bolt
2x Crackling Wit
4x Arcane Focus

Constants (4)

4x Storm of the Century

Resources (24)

11x Sapphire Shard
9x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Innovation


Crown of the Cloud King


Slippers of the Cloud Queen

Lantern of the Cloud Queen

Elemental Gloves

Umbrella of the Cloud King

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

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