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Early Impressions from Orange County!

Welcome to the FiveShards coverage of the 2016 HEX Invitational!  Our team has boots on the ground here in sunny Orange County, so join us throughout the day as Hacky, Funktion, Mokog, Deckofmanythings, Wurtil, Zubrin, and Tecnophi dig for scoops, secure player interviews, and give the rundown on what is happening out here.  Definitely be sure to join in the live video coverage at, and follow our list of twitter feeds at the bottom of this article to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Most of the team has been down in Southern California for a couple days now, and in that time we’ve met up with a number of other awesome community members.  We took a few minutes for questions to get a feel for exactly what the mood is down here as we await the first games to fire…


Who is the favorite coming into the weekend?


“Ne0, because he drafts all the time and always has good decks.  I will say though that I also think SaDOlution has a really good shot” – Crusade

“Gotta be one of the Americans, so I’m rooting for JJ” – ThrawnOmega

“JJ” – Arristorle

“JJ or Cyriius with his Spider deck because the RNG will always be with the Spiders” – Arahdial



Who do you hope to see win?


“Anybody from the USA!”  – ThrawnOmega

“Just good games is all I’m looking for” – Kurposkano

“Neo, obviously” – HEX Fan #1

“JJ” “Yeah, JJ” “It’s all about JJ” – the thrush of Dragonborn fans in line for posters


What deck is probably going to win?


“Winter Moon, but so much depends on who can draft well” -Kurposkano

“Some WInter Moon variant or Mono Blood” – Crusade

“Shin’hare!  But honestly, probably one of the Blood control decks” – Thrawn

“Aggro would have been best, so it is hard to tell” – Unnamed

“BD Banks has everything a deck needs – removal, health gain, great threats, resilience against control.  It’s gonna crush” – Celadine

“BD Banks is the hardest deck for me to always play against, so I gotta go with that” – Bosmopar

“Neo, if the Blood Moon threshold base can hold up over all the rounds” – Arahdial


What do you think the most played card will be this weekend? (asked before decklists were public)



“Extinction” – ThrawnOmega

“Mass Polymorph: Dingler” -Kurposkano


Who is going to be the 3-0 in draft?


“Ne0 because he drafts a lot” – Crusade

“JJ” – Kurposkano

“One of the guys is a sleeper that drafts a ton, so it won’t be who you expect” – ThrawnOmega

“Neo or JJ” – bosmopr

“Not JJ, maybe Neo, but I really think MasterMattchu is underrated.  I’ve never beaten him in draft, and he reads the packs better than anyone else I’ve ever seen” – Celadine


What draft archetype is going to be the one to go 3-0 on day 2?


“Spiders” – Kurposkano

“Ruby-Diamond aggro” -ThrawnOmega, Bosmopar, and Arahdial

“Maybe Blood Diamond if someone figures out the right pick order since its tough” – Crusade

“Vennen, because since people want to 2-1 they will focus less on hating the spider cards” – Celadine


FiveShards has more exciting content that will be delivered throughout the weekend, so remember to check in regularly and watch the main stream on!  After the stream is over, don’t forget to tune into @HexHunterMokog as he Periscopes his experience from the crowd!


Twitter Feeds for the weekend:

@HEXTCG – Official Twitter Feed for HEX

@FiveShards – Primary Feed for all things FiveShards

@FunktionFails – Streamer and FiveShards Contributor

@HexHunterMokog – Streamer and FiveShards Contributor

@hacky – Streamer, FiveShards Contributor, and FiveShards Cup Series Shoutcaster

@ManyThingsDeck – FiveShards Contributor

@Tecnophi – FiveShards Contributor

@wurtil – FiveShards Contributer and columnist

@Silent_Snake76 – Streamer and Official HEX Invitational Play by Play

@dinotropia – Streamer, columnist, and Official HEX Invitational Color Commentator

@Alucard2004 – Streamer and Official HEX Invitational Reporter

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