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Diamond Cup Top 8 Deck Lists

top 8The Top 8 Decklists from the Diamond Cup!



Champion: Cressida

3x Walking Calamity
4x Carnasaurus
4x Lithe Lyricist
2x Periwinkle
4x Crocosaur
2x Eternal Sage
4x Tempestuous Bladedancer

4x Fiery Indignation
4x Stirring Oration
4x Titania’s Majesty (Major Ruby of Destruction)

4x Feralroot Acorn
9x Ruby Shard
12x Wild Shard

2x Lullaby
4x Merry Minstrels
4x Duplicitous Duke
4x Staggering Blast
1x Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad

Champion: Cressida

4x Walking Calamnity
4x Titania’s Majesty (Major Ruby of Destruction)
4x Ageless Troubadour
4x Crocasaur
4x Eternal Sage
4x Lithe Lyricist
4x Periwinkle
3x Balthasar
2x Resource Optimizing Infusion Device
1x Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad
14x Wild Shard
8x Ruby Shard
4x Feralroot Acorn


4x Carnasaurus
4x Sylvan Performer
4x Lullaby
3x Fiery Indignation

John Druitt
Champion: Urgnock

8x Diamond Shard
13x Ruby Shard

2x Scorch
4x Spiritbound Spy
2x Stinging Ambush
3x Deadeye Ripper
3x Martyr
2x Shard Ward
4x Deathmask Assailant
4x Flamehand Invoker
4x Highlands Blackbelt
2x Soul of battle
4x Deepgaze Champion
4x Skewer
1x Duplicitous Duke


2x Diamond Shard
2x Stinging Ambush
4x Deathless guardian
2x Scorch
1x Shard ward
4x Pride’s fall

Champion: Concubunny Yuka

1 scroll of yakuzan
4 taint
4 vampiric kiss
4 merciless culler
4 rot cast
2 noxious glory
4 demon of dusk
1 vampire princess
3 zealous excruciator
4 bloatcap
2 starsphere
23 blood shard
2 scrapyard bruiser
1 gront’s gift (major blood orb of brutality)
1 emperor’s lackey


4 gemsoul feeder
4 untamed duskwing
4 parriphagy
3 emperor’s lackey

Champion: Cressida

16 Wild Shard
4 Ruby Shard
4 Feralroot Acorn
4 Pupil of Creation
4 Periwinkle
4 Heart of the Wrathwood
4 Crocosaur
4 Ageless Troubadour
4 Titania´s Majesty (Damage)
4 Lithe Lyricist
4 Walking Calamity
2 Balthasar
2 Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad


4 Carnasaurus
4 lullaby
4 Skydancer
2 Eternal Sage
1 Sapphire Shard

Champion: Cressida

12 wild shard
9 ruby
3 feralroot acorn
2 syyn etherdrake nomad
4 ageless troubadour
4 balthasar
3 crocosaur
1 pupil of creation
4 rotroot enchanter
4 titania majesty ( orb ruby of destruction)
4 perewinkle
3 tempestuous bladedancer
3 walking calamity
4 sylvan performer


Champion: Cressida

4 Feralroot Acorn
7 Ruby Shard
12 Wild Shard
4 Ashwood Soloist
3 Lithe Lyricist
2 Pupil of Creation
2 Periwinkle
3 Ageless Troubadour
2 Ashwood Blademaster
4 Eternal Sage
2 Balthasar
4 Crocosaur
1 Syyn
2 Heart of Wrathwood
4 Titania’s Majesty ( Damage)
4 Walking Calamity

3 Stinkhorn Soup
4 Highlands Black Belt
2 Lullaby
4 Skydancer
2 Ashwood Blademaster

Champion: Winter Moon
4x Brown Fox Scout
3x Carnasaurus
2x Eye of Lixil
3x Dreamsmoke Mystic
2x Wakuna Crowfeather
2x Windsinger, Master of the Hunt

3x Arcane Focus
3x Resource Optimizing Infusion Device
4x Martyr
3x Pride’s Fall
4x Throwback
3x Epiphany

4x Howling Plains Bluegrass
6x Diamond Shard
8x Sapphire Shard
6x Wild Shard

1x Arcane Focus
1x Resource Optimizing Infusion Device
1x Carnasaurus
2x Eye of Lixil
1x Pride’s Fall
4x Suffocate
2x Wakuna Crowfeather
1x Windsinger, Master of the Hunt
2x Purge

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

6 Comments on Diamond Cup Top 8 Deck Lists

  1. Glad to see such a diverse collection of ideas represented. 😉

  2. Hmmm nice. Ruby/Wild too good? VicMan deck confuses me, think I need to watch how he plays it.

  3. That yuka list is awesome, a shoutout for such a unique deck going so far!

  4. Djiins titania links to tiaanost. Shouldn’t really matter but might confuse some poor soul that is new to the ha,e.

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