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Deck Build’n w/ da Squire Ep. 75 I’m goin platinum in the mirror!

Often we talk about beating the meta with another deck but what happens when you really just want to play that deck?  Well then you should be ready for the dreaded mirror match! No guest for this monumental show but that’s fine because I’m bringing you two decks tonight and if you post your IGN on this video you’ll get entered in to win a Convocation pack again this week!

Deck Lists

Ramp for the mirror!/deck=30411

Champion – Cressida

4 Wrathwood Larch
2 Walking Calamity
1 Puck, Dream Bringer
4 Periwinkle
4 Crocosaur
4 Carnasaurus
4 Ashwood Soloist
4 Arborean Rootfather – Rhino, Spellshield
4 Ageless Troubadour

4 Titania’s Majesty – Damage Gem
2 Eye of Creation

9 Wild Shard
6 Ruby Shard
4 Shard of Savagery
4 Feralroot Acorn


4 Wrathwood Mastermoss
1 Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad
3 Succulent Cluckodon
1 Scorn of Oberon
2 Eternal Guardian
4 Demolition

Troll/Elf Aggro!/deck=30412

Champion Urgnock

4 Stink Troll
4 Pack Raptor
4 Highlands Blackbelt
4 Gas Troll
4 Emberleaf Duelist
2 Deathmask Assailant
4 Ashwood Soloist
4 Ashwood Blademaster

4 Demolition
4 Burn
1 Boulder Toss

Wild Shard
10 Ruby Shard
2 Shard of Savagery
4 Feralroot Acorn


Undecided for now but I’d love to hear your feedback on the deck!

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