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Deck Build’n w/ da Squire Ep. 120 Caravel the Quick

Join me as I welcome Andrew from Caravel Gaming to the show.  Join us as we talk about the upcoming platinum plunder tournament, the PVE cleric gems, and some of the recent PVE mercenary reveals.  We’ll finish things up by building a blood wild Horrors of War deck.

Caravel Gaming’s information

twitch –
YouTube –
twitter – @CaravelGaming

Deck List

Champion – Bloodspinner Zorath

4 Vampire Prince
3 Vampire Princess
1 Gemborn Prowler
2 Vampire King
1 Xentoth’s Inquisitor – Major Wild Orb of Conjuration
4 Wrathwood Mastermoss

1 Call the Grave
3 Horrors of War
2 Xentoth’s Malice
4 Chlorophyllia
4 Dread Harvest
4 Herofall
2 Extinction
1 Gronts Gift – Major Wild Orb of Conjuration

4 Shard of Ancients
4 Well of Ancients
9 Blood Shard
7 Wild Shard

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