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Deck Build’n w/ da Squire Ep. 119 Soldiers of Fortune

We’re back to talk about the winners of the recent Cosmic Crown Showdown, Adventure Zone II, and Mercenaries.  We’ll finish things up by building the deck that I’ve been tackling the ladder with recently.  Enjoy the show!

Deck List!/deck=173264

Champion – Running Deer

4 Howling Brave
3 Carnasaurus
4 Mightsinger of Ages
2 Artisanal Cheesesmythe
4 Rune Ear Hierophant – Major Wild Orb of Cultivation, Minor Diamond of Wind
4 High Infinitrix
2 Succulent Cluckodon
4 Forever’s Child
1 Chomposaur
3 Crocosaur
2 Balthazar

4 Chlorophyllia

11 Wild Shard
4 Diamond Shard
4 Well of Life
4 Shard of Life


3 Soul Marble
3 Frost Wizard
1 Carnasaurus
2 Solitary Exile
1 Artisanal Cheesesmythe
1 Succulent Cluckodon
1 Wrathwood Master Moss
1 Chomposaur
1 Crocosaur
1 Purge

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