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Deck Build’n w/ da Squire Ep 109 Throwback Humans

ArmiesofMordor returns to talk about the upcoming Gen Con convention and later we’ll try to throw together some sort of Humans deck which may or may not be a budget build.

Deck List!/deck=121880

Champion – Uzzu the Bonewalker

2 Royal Cutblood
2 Buccaneer
4 William Rowan
4 Pyresoul Summoner
Cerulean Mirror Knight
2 Lord Benjamin, the Wise
4 Spine Scuttler
4 Queensguard

2 Grace of Tiaanost
2 Solitary Exile
4 Crackling Bolt
3 Time Ripple

4 Carloth Cobblestone
3 Shard of Conquest
4 Shard of Purpose
6 Diamond Shard
3 Ruby Shard
3 Sapphire Shard

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