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Deck Building w/ da Squire Episode 73: GenCON PVE Orcs Go!!!

That crazy Canadian TheMotivation is back to hang out and talk about some set 3 madness!  Join us as we talk about the set 3 release weekend, the FiveShards Ruby Cup top 8, the do’s and don’ts at GenCON, and finish things up with a PVE Orc deck for one of my viewers Froderman!

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Deck List!/deck=25675

Champion – Poca, The Conflagrater

4 Veteran Gladiator
4 Unmerciful Tormentor
4 Savage Raider
4 Ridge Raider
2 Quash Ridge Tusker
1 Furious Taskmaster
4 Fierce Warlord
4 Brutal Commander

2 Crushing Blow
4 Burn
4 Ragefire
1 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl

22 Ruby Shard

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