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Deck Building w/ Da Squire Episode 68: Mythic Armies of Myth!

Deck Building w/ Da Squire welcomes HexHunter Mokog back to the show to talk about some financials that we should be thinking about with the upcoming transition to Set 3. We also go over some news related to GenCON talk about an autographing controversy and build a set 3 only Ruby/Wild elf deck. Enjoy the show!

Mokog’s info:

Deck List!/deck=22826

Champion – Cressida

4 Walking Calamity
1 Balthasar
4 Wrathwood Larch
2 Tempestous Bladedancer
4 Ageless Troubadour
4 Merry Minstrels
1 Skydancer
2 Periwinkle
4 Lithe Lyricist
4 Ashwood Soloist

2 Playing With Fire
4 Fiery Indignation
1 Soul of Battle

4 Feralroot Acorn
9 Ruby Shard
10 Wild Shard

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