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Deck Building w/ Da Squire Episode 66: Mordor’s 66 Shin’Hare Devils

Armiesofmordor is back with an announcement about a new piece of content that he’s a part of called Synergy! This episode we also go over every one of the all new set 3 champions!

New Synergy Hex content can be found on Hexed Havoc’s YouTube Channel

Deck List!/deck=21571

Champion – Warmaster Fuzzuko

1 Bucktooth Roshi
2 Forgotten Monarch – Major Diamond of Solidarity, Minor Diamond of Duty
4 Rune Ear Burrower
4 Bucktooth Commander
1 Concubunny
1 Constantina
4 Moon’ariu Sensei

1 Oath of Valor
1 Titania’s Majesty – Wild Orb of Dominance
2 Solitary Exile
4 Crash of Beasts
2 Surprise Runt Gang
2 Inflict Doubt
2 Soul Marble
2 Crackling Sprout
4 Runts of the Litter

9 Diamond Shard
4 Shard of Life
10 Wild Shard

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