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Deck Building w/ Da Squire Episode 64: All in the Family

This episode of Deck Building w/ Da Squire, Goldensaucerguy and I talk about the recent news about set 3, review some set 3 cards, reveal the picture that was used by CZE to create the art for my vanity card, and finish things up with a Blood Sapphire control deck. Make sure to check out the contest this week! I need you to post on this video or send me a message via twitch or twitter letting me know what kind of card you think that CZE made from the image shown during the show! I winner I choose will get a draft pack and a primal pack and possibly a nice T1 rare or legendary card!  Enjoy the show!

Deck List!/deck=20150

Champion – Bertram Cragraven

1 Argus, Herald of Doom
3 Reese the Crustcrawler
4 Vampire King
4 Wakizashi Ambusher
4 Xentoths Inquisitor – Major Blood Orb of Brutality

1 Zodiac Divination
4 Extinction
3 Murder
4 Countermagic
4 Peek
1 Time Ripple
2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings

4 Shards of Fate
4 Shard of Cunning
9 Blood Shard
8 Sapphire Shard

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  1. thx for the deck 😀 it mades 3-4. place blood cup 🙂

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