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Deck Building w/ Da Squire Episode 62: Mothers Day Season Finale

Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve got some exciting news about some of the upcoming set 3 cards. We also go over the Shard Cup Season 1 1 finals and finish things up with a PVE Dwarf Deck.

Deck List!/deck=19007

Champion – Bertram Cragraven

Conflagration Handguards
Revised Priming Helm
Exoskeleton Prototype

2 Tectonic Megahulk
2 Pterobot
1 Master Theorycrafter – Major Ruby of Destruction
3 Reese the Crustcrawler
1 Eurig the Robomancer
2 VB1311
4 Electroid
4 Construct Foreman
4 Gearsmith

4 Construction Plans: War Hulk
1 Droo’s Unrelenting Fists
2 Crackling Bolt
4 Construction Plans: Hornet Bot
4 Burn
1 Forge of Cadoc

4 Shard of Innovation
8 Ruby Shard
9 Sapphire Shard

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