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Deck Building w/ Da Squire Episode 61: Return of Da Squire!

I know that’s been a huge problem in the past and so I’ve done everything I can to fix it with my families recent move. This episode we talk about some of the upcoming tournaments, a Hexstravaganza with community darling Alucard, and finish up with our first PVE Deck Doctor which is centered around Dream Stag.

Deck List!/deck=17723

Champion – Warmaster Fuzzuko

1 Arborean Rootfather – Spellshield, Rhino Gems
1 Infiltrator Bot
2 Thorntongue Snapdragon
2 Charge Hulk
1 Wreckasaurus
1 Inductocopter Bot
4 Briar Legion
4 Dream Stag
2 Feral Ogre
4 Mentor of Oakhenge
4 Moon’ariu Sensei
4 Charge Bot
4 Howling Brave

4 Chlorophyllia

22 Wild Shard

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