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Dead of Winter Spoilers

Here, we will collect all of the spoilers for the upcoming eighth set of Hex, Dead of Winter! New spoilers will be added as they are released. Click to view details, and click the image in details to see it more clearly.

Tooltips on each card will show the source of the spoiler. A link to the source is also in the details view. Email us if we’re missing any!

Last update: Saturday, November 11 @ 11pm PST
Dead of Winter cards spoiled: 126

Spoiler backfill complete! We’re caught up as of Saturday! –@hacky

Most Recent:

New Concepts:

Momentum: [number]”
When you play a resource, this gets +ATK/+DEF equal to the amount of Momentum this has until the start of your next turn. Then, its Momentum increases by 1.

At the start of your turn, if a card with Portal is in your hand, it reverts and transforms into a random card of the same rarity that you have the thresholds to play, and it retains Portal.
Common Portal, Uncommon Portal, Rare Portal, and Legendary Portal are all created cards of their respective rarity with Portal. These cards also transform a la Portal upon entering your hand.

When you Verdict, your opponent is shown a Light Verdict and Dark Verdict, and must choose one. The Light Verdict and Dark Verdict shown is random but will always be relevant to the current game state.
Light Verdicts:
Each opposing champion draws a card.
Each opposing champion summons a Phantom.
Each opposing champion summons a Daybreak.
Opposing troops get +1 ATK/+1 DEF.
Each opposing champion puts a random troop from their crypt into their hand.
Dark Verdicts:
Discard a random card.
Sacrifice a troop you control.
Each opposing champion summons a Nightfall.
Troops you control get -1 ATK/-1 DEF.
Sacrifice an artifact or constant you control.
Arbiter of Twilight turns your Verdicts into Ancient Verdicts, which have double the effect of normal Verdicts.












Frostheart Champion changes:

Puff the Rainbow: charge cost +1 (from 4 to 5), Merry Butterfly: cost -1 (from 5 to 4)
Tork Slamstyx: charge cost +1 (from 4 to 5)
Runecarver Darcon: charge cost -1 (from 5 to 4)
Yarna of Lost Voices: health +2 (from 21 to 23)
Soaring Talon: health +2 (from 23 to 25)
Grish’xal the Profane: health +2 (from 22 to 24)
Bar’dak the Butcher: health +2 (from 22 to 24)

Created Cards:

Cards used for ability selection:

Arbiter of Twilight uses Ancient Verdicts instead of Verdicts.
Corners of the World shows two groups of three elemental sigils.


Cards to be spoiled:

Cruel Sentence
High Joltage
Off the Chain
Ready to Rumble

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