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Dead of Winter Spoiler: Hap’ie, the High Hero

Piecetinker here with an AMAZING new spoiler.

Is it a Shin’hare? Check!

Is this Shin’hare happy? Check!

Is this Shin’hare high? Check!

Is there random involved? Check!

Is there transformations involved? Check!

All the fun things bundled into one extravagant card!

Now how applicable is this card you may ask. On day one, when I first saw this card, I immediately thought that there weren’t many applications in which this card could be utilized. First, I tried to see how well I could utilize the effect of getting cards in your crypt. Cards such as Alchemite immediately jumped out on me. It draws cards and puts cards in your crypt. Another card that can also put cards in the crypt can also include Change Course and then Blue Sparrow as a champion. Then there are some other outliers such as Mosagi Coins which wouldn’t be upsetting to throw troops in the crypt and draw more cards.

I then tried to think how cards could eventually populate the Crypt. So Dreadlings or other similar fodder, but even then I don’t think hoping to draw the transformed troop is that great. Even then, you are hoping that the card gets placed near the top of your deck.

However, after I saw the mechanic spoilers my eyes immediately fixated at Portal. This card just wants to utilize Portal as much as it can. The only downside is that you are going to have to wait a turn for the initial Portal card to transform into something else and then play it. You are at least drawing a card every other turn, at worst. Not only that Portal is continually adding value to your hand. Can’t wait to see what silliness people come up with from this card.

Let me know your thoughts on this card!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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