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DBWDS I got 99 problems but a Jank Bot ain’t 1 (Ep 99)

Wow, who ever thought that the show would make it this far?  This week I welcome a new guest Whitepheonix!  Join us as we talk about the recent transition to Steam, some new set 4 champions, and we’ll even build a silly Jank Bot deck.

Whitepheonix Twitch

Chris Woods Forum Post

Deck List!/deck=65726

Champion – Poca the Conflagrator

4 Launchpad Specialist
4 Mesmeric Hypnoscientist
4 Menacing Gralk
4 Reese the Crustcrawler
4 Subterranean Spy
4 Jank Bot
4 Royal Falconer
4 Azurefate Sorceress – Damage Gem, Quick Action Gem
4 Eldritch Dreamer – Card Draw Gem
1 Jags the Blademaster
4 Lord Alexander, the Courageous
4 Buccaneer
4 Cerulean Mentalist
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight

4 Mastery of Time
4 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
1 Incubation Webs
4 Oracle Song
4 Countermagic
4 Crackling Bolt
4 Peek
1 Time Ripple
4 Immortal Tears
4 Burn
4 Arcane Focus

4 Shard of Innovation
4 Shards of Fate
21 Ruby Shard
30 Sapphire Shard



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