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DBWDS Ep 94 $100k madness who will win it all?

Everyone is so excited for the $100k tournament that I wasn’t able to secure a guest for tonight’s show.  I decided to throw down an old rogue deck as something I might have considered for the tournament if I was there.  What kind of deck would you have played?

Deck List

Champion – Bunoshi the Ruthless!/deck=57623

1 Vampire King
4 Wakizashi Ambusher
4 Xentoth’s Inquisitor
3 Wrathwood Master Moss
1 Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
3 Vampire Princess
1 Wild Root Dancer
1 Disciple of Yazukan
4 Minion of Yazukan

4 Extinction
3 Kill
4 Crash of Beasts
3 Inquisition

4 Shard of Ancients
4 Shards of Fate
12 Blood Shard
4 Wild Shard



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