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DBWDS Ep 93 Lost Minions

I’m stoked to have Tecnophi on the show for his second appearance!  I’m also stoked about new overlays, and tournaments.  It’s a great time to be playing some Hex!  Join us as we throw down some recent decks we’ve seen in the metagame and then later we’ll be putting together a Spider Blood Moon deck!

Deck List

Champion – Winter Moon

1 Xentoth’s Inquisitor – Brutality Gem
1 Windsinger Master of the Hunt
1 Reese the Crustcrawler
1 Phenteo the Brood Priest
2 Nazhk Webguard
4 Exarch of the Egg

1 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2 Vampiric Kiss
3 Time Ripple
1 Suffocate
3 Kill
1 Incubation Webs
1 Immortal Tears
4 Extinction
2 Epiphany
4 Countermagic
4 Arcane Focus

2 Xin’xith Silk
2 Wild Shard
4 Shard of Cunning
6 Sapphire Shard
6 Blood Shard
4 Shards of Fate

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