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DBWDS Ep 92 Out with the Old!

ArmiesOfMordor is back to defend the title of Deck Build’n w/ Da Squire guest MVP. Join us as we talk about the upcoming FiveShards tournament, PVE development processes, Adrian Sullivan’s Hex article and more! We’ll finish things up by building a budget PVE human deck. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about some of the pictures that I’ll be using to replace my backdrops soon.

Deck List

Champion -Human Warrior (Or other human class)

3 Wounded War Hero
3 Vanguard of Gawaine
3 Sly Huntress

3 Shield Trainer
3 Ruby Pyromancer
3 Royal Herald
2 Pyresoul Summoner
2 Lightning Elemental
1 Elite Pyromancer
2 Ardent Recruiter

2 Solitary Exile
3 Skewer
3 Inner Conflict
1 Burn to the Ground
3 Burn

4 Shard of Conquest
10 Ruby Shard
9 Diamond Shard

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