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DBWDS Ep 91 PV….Elliot Because Yes

The PVE campaign has finally been released! Of course it would happen at the worst possible time where I have not been able to actually play it enough so I’ve brought in my very on PVE expert!¬†Join Mokog and I as we talk about what everyone has been waiting for this past year and we’ll build a Dwarf Warrior PVE deck! Enjoy the show.

Deck List

Champion – Level 2 Dwarf Warrior!/deck=50643

3 Reactor Bot
3 Pterobot
2 Inductocopter Bot
1 Glendower
3 Gearsmith
2 Electroid
3 Construct Foreman
3 Charge Bot
1 Adaptatron

1 Volcannon
1 Incubation Webs
2 Hex Geode
2 Crackling Wit
3 Crackling Bolt
2 Countermagic
1 Burn to the Ground
2 Burn
3 Arcane Focus

4 Shard of Innovation
10 Sapphire Shard
8 Ruby Shard

2 Comments on DBWDS Ep 91 PV….Elliot Because Yes

  1. Lightning Elemental should be in the deck. Personally I prefer playing a lot of creatures so I pleyed these as well: War Machinist with EQ, Ruby Pyromancer and Elite Pyromancer. To the best of my memory, I played monoRuby almost from beginning. In Devonshire I played Diamond/Ruby.

  2. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, we’d go with Lightning Elemental if we decided to go Ruby instead of Sapphire. Mono Ruby is still strong for sure just like you mentioned.

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