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DBWDS Ep 90 Abrupt Awakening

No guest for tonight but I do have a new PVE spoiler for you guys! I’ll also be giving my opinions on whether Hex should try to get on Steam or not, and we’ll be upgrading one of Hacky’s decks with about 30k gold worth of cards.¬†Enjoy the show!

Deck List!/deck=46598

Champion – Sir Giles Rowan

4 Vanguard of Gawaine
3 Sly Huntress
3 Shield Trainer
3 Shellsafe Sure Shot
1 Ruby Pyromancer
4 Pyresoul Summoner
4 Legionaire of Gawaine
4 Kraken Guard Seapriest

1 Staggering Blast
2 Skewer
4 Repel
4 Crackling Bolt

4 Shard of Conquest
9 Ruby Shard
10 Diamond Shard

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