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DBWDS Ep. 89 Collecting Clerics

Welcome back! Now that we’ve shaken off the dust it’s time to get back to the business of finding great Hex personalities for you to follow and build great decks! Tonight we talk about a recent PVE spoiler the Dwarf Race and Cleric Class. Later we build a set-3-only deck for the FiveShards Diamond Cup. Enjoy the show!

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Deck List!/deck=45785

Champion – Winter Moon

4 Wrathwood Larch
1 Windsinger, Master of the Hunt
1 Wakuna Crowfeather
2 Suffocate
1 Storm Drummer
2 Resource Optimizing Infusion Device
2 Lightning Brave
2 Incubation Webs
1 Eternal Sage
2 Dreamsmoke Mystic
4 Crocosaur
4 Cripple
2 Carnasaurus
4 Brown Fox Scout
1 Balthasar
4 Arcane Focus

10 Wild Shard
9 Sapphire Shard
4 Howling Plains Bluegrass

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