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DBWDS Ep 88 PVE Just Around the Riverbend?

First show of 2016 starts off with a bang as I welcome a new guest Coop3r81 to the show!¬†Join us as we talk about Cory’s letter, congratulate the recent IQ winners, and build some sort of a ruby charge deck utilizing Benvolio.

Coop3r81’s twitch channel –

Deck list!/deck=43591

1 Reginald Lancashire
4 Reactor Bot
4 Psychotic Anarchist
4 Mesmeric Hypnoscientist
4 Goremaster
4 Charge Bot
4 Arena Regular

4 Ragefire
1 Mindpyre
4 Crushing Blow – (Ruby Aura is probably better for this slot)
4 Crackling Bolt
1 Cerebral Fulmination

17 Ruby Shard
4 Crackling Vortex

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