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DBWDS Ep 86 Merry Christmas Happy PVE!

ArmiesofMordor is back to defend his title of MVP guest on the show! Join us as we attempt to make something competitive with the most underplayed shard: Diamond. We’ll also be discussing some of the excitement over possibly getting PVE this holiday season after a sneak peek that was posted by Hex William went public this week! You’re not going to want to miss this show!

Deck List!/deck=41090

Champion – Webweaver Thox

3 Reese the Crustcrawler
3 Princess Victoria
3 Lord Benjamin the Wise
3 Hopeheart Unicorn
3 Her Majesty Queen Grace
1 Golden Avenger
3 Exiled Bard
1 Eurig the Robomancer
4 Angel of Dawn

1 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1 Time Ripple
1 Soul Marble
1 Solitary Exile
2 Prides Fall
3 Meek
4 Countermagic

2 Starsphere
2 Shards of Fate
4 Shard of Purpose
6 Sapphire Shard
9 Diamond Shard

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