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DBWDS Ep 83 Remember Remember the 6th of November?

Deck Build’n w/ da Squire (DBWDS) welcomes JadiimJedi back to the show to talk about some of the recent Hex Ent Invitational Qualifier tournament champions, meta trends we’re seeing, and the fact that I don’t know how to read a clock. We also work on a Ruby/Diamond Necrotic deck which would be ok for some PVE fights.

Deck List!/deck=38776

Champion – Knightsbane Ovo

4 Spiritbound Spy
2 Highlands Blackbelt
2 Forgotten Monarch – Minor Ruby of Flames, Major Diamond of Solidarity
3 Flamehand Invoker
1 Duplicitous Duke
4 Deepgaze Champion
4 Deathmask Assailant
1 Deadeye Slicer
3 Chimera Guard Fallen

1 Soul Marble
1 Shard Call
3 Pride’s Fall
4 Crackling Bolt
4 Burn

4 Shard of Conquest
4 Sepulchra Crypt Dust
8 Ruby Shard
7 Diamond Shard

Deck List – I Draw Cards!/deck=38775

Champion – Winter Moon

4 The Ancestors’ Chosen
4 Storm Cloud
1 Sight of the Sun
1 Rhythmic Spiritualist
1 Reese the Crustcrawler
1 Dreamsmoke Mystic
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Carnasaurus
3 Buccaneer
4 Brown Fox Scout

1 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1 Incubation Webs
1 Immortal Tears
4 Countermagic
4 Arcane Focus

6 Wild Shard
4 Shard of Instinct
8 Sapphire Shard
4 Howling Bluegrass

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