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DBWDS Ep. 82 One Point Twenty One Jigawatts!

In honor of “Back to the Future Day” this ep. of Deck Build’n w/ da Squire is named after one of my favorite lines from the Trilogy. This week I welcome my good friend JadiimJedi back to the show to talk about last week’s Invitational Qualifier, some upcoming tournaments, and of course fix one of my viewers’ deck builds. Enjoy the show—I’m looking forward to those comments! As always make sure to post your IGN and whether you’d like a draft pack or a Convocation Pack. If you don’t say either I’ll expect that you want the Draft Pack 🙂!/deck=36191

Deck List

Champion – Zorzym of Korru

3 Xentoth’s Inquisitor – Major Gem of Brutality
4 Hatchery Cultivator
4 Exarch of the Egg
2 Brood Baron

2 Suffocate
2 Rot Cast
3 Murder
4 Inquisition
4 Incubation Webs
1 Cripple
4 Arcane Focus
3 Arachnophobia

4 Zin’xith Silk
4 Shard of Cunning
7 Sapphire Shard
9 Blood Shard


3 Vilefang Eremite
2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2 Suffocate
2 Rot Cast
3 Hatchery Priest
3 Countermagic

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